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Mass Mage Bot Activity Uncovered in the Stockade Dungeon on Crusader Strike Realm

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Reddit user Scotho captured a brief video that showcases numerous Mage bots swiftly entering and exiting the Stockade dungeon in Stormwind City.

The footage was taken on a "Season of Discovery" realm called Crusader Strike, in the US region. The video reveals a multitude of Mage bots, all between levels 33 and 34, consistently moving in and out of the Stockades.

Do you often encounter bots on your realm?

Stockades Bots on Crusader Strike US
byu/Scotho inclassicwow

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And Blizzard will do nothing meaningful to take care of this problem in Classic or Retail because it makes them too much money to let them do as they please, player experience be damned.

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So they use bots to farm gold, how do you stop them.

Simple.. make a ZERO tolerance policy for anyone buying RMT Gold.

Without a customer base buying their gold they dont make money and move on.

That is the one and only way to stop it.

Its the same premise as the drug trade... as long as there are buyers, drug runners will find a way to meet the demand..

I know not everyone buys RMT gold but there are a vast amount who do..

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