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Helpful leveling tip as Shadow

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Hey guys.  Discovered this earlier today.  I've looked on a lot of other shadow priests I see questing around and almost nobody has it on, I was shocked.




This makes leveling a LOT easier.  Obviously you wouldn't want to use this in raid settings except maybe situationally.  But being able to open most fights with mind blast ==> D.Plague (SW:Death optional) speeds things up considerably. 


And when you get the 5 shadow orb perk... even better, since all spells cap at 3 shadow orbs anyway =)


EDIT: Combine this with Shadowy Insight talent to make multi-pulling more viable (SW:Pain everything.)  Just remember to mind blast different targets. 

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GoMH is a bit of a double-edged blade.


It's a great amount of burst and really helps burning down mobs fast. But as you level up, secondary stats dwindle in strength, making the CD on MB markedly higher. In my experience, in the interim levels from 92 to 97 or so, you still kill mobs very fast with decent raiding gear that the 10s+ cd is actually longer than the time it takes you to kill one mob, which leads to MB not being available for the next mob.


At the end of the leveling however mobs take long enough that you can use it on every kill, but I'd opt out of it until the higher levels.

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Definitely true.  But, you're casting D.Plague a whole lot more often, which does twice the damage (half initial, half from the DoT) and heals you.

IMO the tradeoff is worth it.  

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