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Prismatic Crystal

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Couple of questions concerning Prismatic Crystal that have not been addressed in your Frost Mage guide. 


- Is there a way of Macroing Prismatic Crystal to a trinket/CD that is off the GCD? The basic macro (below) either only uses the trinket, or tells me it is on CD (if the trinket is on CD). 


#showtooltip Prismatic Crystal

/cast Prismatic Crystal

/use [item name] 


- In the guide, you say that... 


"Frost Bomb should be placed on the boss before activating the Crystal (Ice Lance on the Crystal will trigger it, thanks to Glyph of Splitting Ice)."


How does this work for AoE phases? If there's an add (or more) and a boss, isn't there a chance the Ice Lance will cleave onto the adds rather than the boss, so won't proc the Frost Bomb that we've set up on the boss? Or does Frost Bomb have some sort of target priority for the cleave from Ice Lance w/ the glyph? If not, then in any situation where there is more than 1 target, should we drop a bomb onto the Crystal and then spam, or would Thermal Void/Prismatic Crystal without Frost Bomb prove stronger? 


Quick, extra question while I'm here; is using the 2 set really a DPS increase, even with the Frost Bomb talent + 2 stacks of Fingers of Frost? On face value it looks like even a 20% damage increase/haste increase isn't worth the Ice Lance + Bomb damage. 


Thanks for your time,




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On your macro I believe if you insert a /stopcasting line between casting PC and using your trinket it will work. Can't test this right now so I could very well be wrong, but if I recall correctly a macro I had to use two trinkets at once it required a stopcasting line between each.

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