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[Frost] Heroic and Challenge Mode Dungeon Mage Guide

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Hello mages,


In this post I will be writing how I handle mechanics as a Mage in Heroic and Challenge modes. As the content is relatively new there will be frequent updates. Additionally if you want to chip in, comment with your tips and tricks and if appropriate I will add them to the guide.


Heroic Modes


Bloodmaul Slugmines


  • Slave Watcher Crushto:
    - Delay Frozen Orb for the Miner Phase.
    - Take Frost Bomb. When the miners spawn, use Frozen Orb on them and unleash FoF procs on the boss.

    - Alter Time is an amazing tool for re-positioning yourself and reducing damage.
    - Mirror Images greatly helps, because it makes the fight significantly shorter.
  • Gug'rokk:
    -Use Ice Nova to destroy Ruination and Calamity when they spawn.
    -Incanter's Flow is a quite handy spell. Due to the boss having 2 phases, using Mirror Images on the first phase isn't going to affect the speed of the second phase. Also as there are often adds of importance that need to die, IF + IN are very strong choices.
    -Greater Invisibility and Alter Time are excellent tools for reducing the damage intake by the AoE damage.

    -Due to the high movement required by the fight, Thermal Void is an excellent choice, as spamming Ice Lances on the move increases your Icy Veins duration.
  • Roltall: 
    -Ice Floes is the best choice due to the high movement required by the fight.
    -Alter Time let's you re-position during the meteor phase, whilst also reducing damage taken.
    -If you do get hit by a gigantic ball of fire which you somehow didn't notice, don't panic and press Blink.
    -Mirror Images are a must have due to the high burst necessary in this fight.

    -I'd pick Ice Nova over Frost Bomb as there are times when casting is impossible.
    -Due to the high movement required by the fight, Thermal Void is an excellent choice, as spamming Ice Lances on the move increases your Icy Veins duration.
  • Forgemaster Gog'duh:
    -Blazing Speed is a handy spell for re-positioning if one of the channeling adds spawns out of reach.
    -Alter Time is excellent because it reduces the strain on your healer.
    -Step 1) Remember there is this spell called Spellsteal on your spellbook. Step 2) Spellsteal the Fire Armor buff from the boss which makes you deal more damage.
    -Mirror Images is amazing for the high burst at the start. 
    -Due to Time Warp and Icy Veins being used on the pull, Frostbomb is a great choice due to the higher amount than normal of FoF procs. 
    -Thermal Void is great for the movement moments (and keeping 100% uptime of Icy Veins is always fun).


Upper Blackrock Spire


Grimrail Depot


Iron Docks


The Everbloom




Shadowmoon Burial Grounds


The content on this thread is NOT finished (duh). However I figured I could just as well post it and help the ones who have issues with the content that is actually done.

Cheers to all, and have fun in Heroics (and later Challenge Modes).


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