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Do any of my fellow warlock-players have any tips on how to kill Nibbleh in Brawl'gar arena (rank4, boss 2)?

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It was difficult for me but after a while i just brute-forced through it by just using Dserv, RoF as much as I could and hoped immolate and a couple of dark soul windows could kill it (use AD to have a couple windows where you can do this if you can kite for enough). I eventually killed it after hitting a soft enrage where i kited the entire room and I let him gain a few stacks to find the few spaces I didn't fill.


It was pretty apparent how bad the spec is on fights where you have to constantly move. Doomguard was my highest damage source by a wide margin and it took me a couple times compared to every other fight that was just trivial.

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I ran Affli for Nibbleh, popping cooldowns with SB:Haunt and just running/channeling one tick of Drain Soul. Now I'm up to Meatball which is a complete brick wall for me. Can't kite him and he eventually two shots me, got no idea how to beat him.

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i failed several times on Meatball because i didn't understand the fight properly. Basically, the purple domes heal you and they pop out when you deal damage to him. Just don't panic while you're getting hit for 30-50k because you have time to be healed by the purple. Eventually, once you hit 50 stacks, pop DS & Dark Bargain and chaos bolt him to death. Make collecting orbs the number 1 priority and don't worry about your rotation, just be active so they keep spawning.


For Nibbleh I ran to the back-right corner and dropped a demonic gateway to the back-left corner. Don't bother inching along; you can stand in the corner waiting and blow him up before sprinting to the next spot. It gets trickier when he drops the pools. I had done enough damage in the early stages to finish him off about the time he had done a full lap. I ended up doing something like 67% of the damage and pets did the rest

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For Nibbleh, I was Destro ilvl 633 with Grimoire of Service and Kil'Jaeden's Cunning talents.. I also used Cataclysm.


Use the basic clockwise kiting strat.


Run to your starting corner and cast Rain of Fire on his spawn point while you run there. As soon as you get to your corner cast Cataclysm on his spawn location. It will land just half a second after he spawns. Now blow all dps cooldowns. Trinket, racial, brawler's INT potion, GoServ, Terroguard and Drums of Fury if you have em.. Hit him with 1 Conflagerate, 1 Incenerate, 1 Chaos bolt and then more Incenerates. Try to get an immolate off just as he reaches you.


As soon as he gets to you, Run for corner #2! Cast Conflagerate, Rain of Fire and 2nd Conflag if it is up as you're moving. Once you're in the corner burst him with more incenerates. When he reaches you pop Kil'Jaeden's Cunning and blast away at him with Incenerate and re-up Immolate as you run to Corner #3.


Once you are stopped at Corner 3, keep blasting him with incenerate and re-up immolate when needed. When he gets to you run to the next corner while casting Conflag and Rain of Fire in his path as you move.


From Corner 4 it is just rinse and repeat except scarier. Keep immolate up and spam incenerate, The fight gets a whole lot messier at this point with poison pools but he should be getting near Shadowburn by the time you get back to your starting corner.  Just keep up immolate and cast conflag/RoF for when you're moving. When Shadowburn does finally come up, don't blow them all immediately. 4 shadowburns aren't enough to kill him so you're better off using them strategically. Keep following the rules of casts only when stationary and instant casts only when moving. Kil'Jaeden's Cunning will come off cooldown will likely come off cooldown some time after Shadowburn becomes available but before he dies keep that in mind if you feel cornered and don't have any instant cast abilities ready.



- Keep your turns TIGHT. Don't let him make circles. You want that poison path to make 90 degree turns. Don't worry if he hits you he's a chump and you got a healthstone. Keep his lines close too. There should be only a small strip of ground between lines of poison.

- Terrorguard is important! I wouldn't even attempt it with him on cooldown. I think he ended up doing just under 300k damage.

- You may still end up having to do a few attempts because poison spawns can really screw up positioning.


On my kill, I actually had a ton of room left so I think even with less gear or less optimal poison pool placements if you stick to casting when stationary and instants while moving and really stacking all your cooldowns upfront when things are calmer you should be just as successful.


Any questions?



For Meatball, The orbs heal you. You want to Rain of Fire which will make him spawn tons of orbs. Keep circling him picking up orbs while he stands in rain of fire. Don't worry about dpsing him until you have as many orbs as you want. Once you have a ton of orbs blow your cooldowns and blast a few times then use Shadowfury to stun him and blow him up some more. He'll probably die before he gets out of stun. Orb buff only lasts 10 seconds so don't let it wear off while you burt him down.  It might take a few tries because he can get lucky and hit you while enraged even when you're doing the fight right. Just just to get a little distance on him and he should go down easy.

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If you're an engineer all the fights are trivial once you've unlocked the nuke. I got stuck on meatball until I got fed up and just bombed him. Grabbed about 25 orbs at the start and then cast the Nukular and made sure he stayed in the blast. Killed in a single shot. If you're not an engineer then timing dark bargain when you start your burn is the way to go.

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Died 4-5 times before I finally got this as 626  destruction. Flask up and eat. This macro saved me a lot of messing around at the start:

/use 14
/cast dark soul
/use Brawler's Draenic Intellect Potion
/tar Nibbleh
/cast summon terrorguard

Rain of fire and cata on his spawn point, pop macro, nuke like crazy. Rain of fire on your feet as you run to the next stopping position. Dropped him easily in the end. 

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How in the world does anyone have ANY trouble in Brawler's Guild when you have 10 levels and an obscene gear advantage over MoP

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How in the world does anyone have ANY trouble in Brawler's Guild when you have 10 levels and an obscene gear advantage over MoP


It's updated for level 100.

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I just ran to the middle, had my void taunting him, then made my void walk from corner to corner while i kept dpsing. (Destro spec)


I do have some trouble now with Meatball... got closest to killing him as Affliction so far, cause in destro I do not seem to cast enough and he goes raging on me everytime.

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