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Tier 7 Talent for Subtlety

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Though IV says that Death from Above and Shadow Reflection are similar in value, but you should take SR because it can be macroed for ease of use, doesn't DfA give you enough AOE when used in a group to be superior and give subtlety a needed AOE boost?  Also, with Eviscerate being our best damage move isn't it better to have a super eviscerate every 20 sec?


Tier 6 talents provide you with performance-improving abilities.

  • wow_icon_rogue_venomzest.jpg Venom Rush increases your maximum Energy by 15 and increases your Energy regeneration by 5% for every enemy you have poisoned, up to 3.
  • wow_icon_rogue_shadow_reflection.jpg Shadow Reflection summons a shadow copy of yourself that memorizes your actions for 8 seconds and then perform these actions over the next 8 seconds.
  • wow_icon_spell_rogue_deathfromabove.jpg Death from Above deals damage to all enemies within 8 yards then performs anwow_icon_ability_rogue_eviscerate.jpg Eviscerate that deals 50% more damage than usual.

wow_icon_spell_rogue_deathfromabove.jpg Death from Above and wow_icon_rogue_shadow_reflection.jpg Shadow Reflection are of similar value. Shadow Reflection is preferred, because it is easier to use compared to Death from Above. Shadow Reflection can simply be macroed with wow_icon_ability_rogue_shadowdance.jpg Shadow Dance, whereas Death from Above requires careful Energy and Combo Point pooling.

wow_icon_rogue_venomzest.jpg Venom Rush should be not taken.

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SR is the better option, cause it's slightly ahead but also a thousand times easier to use. 


DfA will do decent damage, but also could get you energy capped, makes you lose control of your character, and can kill you at least as often as it helps you. That, and you need to make sure that you can actually use it on cooldown, cause it's a loss in dps if you wait even a couple seconds.


Pretty much to make DfA worth using, you need to check off all 3 of these every 20 seconds:

  1. Below like 40-ish energy. possibly lower
  2. At 5 combo points
  3. Not need to refresh Rupture or Hemo
  4. Not in a bad place, a place that will become bad, or needed to interrupt or something in the next few seconds

With SR, all you need to do is pool energy like you normally do before Shadow Dance

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Following up on Carrn's advice, I'd also suggest SR. DfA just seems downright clunky. It throws a wrench into what is already one of the more difficult dps rotations (especially with the interaction bleeds get from multistrikes). In addition, Sub rogue AoE and small number of targets (2-4) cleave seems to be in a VERY good spot with the change to FoK. I'd say SR > DfA (with possible VERY situational uses for DfA).

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