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What are the top tier Horde Racials atm? (priest/lock/mage/rogue)

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So I am about to pickup WoD, and am in the middle of educating myself on the PvP and PvE scenes before I start making any decisions about what to play. I used to visit sites like Elitist Jerks, but they seem a tad outdated lately? Not really sure what the deal is with that, regardless I was told to check this site out, and so here I am.


Anyway, I am absolutely a player that tends to tunnel vision on getting the most out of my characters, and I really just don't want to make ineffective choices like choosing a subpar race at the start. I know someone will say, "racials are a marginal influence, pick what you like looking at," but to be honest, I wouldn't be here making a thread if I didn't legitimately care about that marginal influence lol.


So with that out of the way... What are the top raiding Horde Racials these days (for Priest/Lock/Mage/Rogue mostly)?


From what I have seen so far, people seem to mention that Trolls are pretty much widespread in really top tier raiding guildes due to Berserking and CD stacking that with their buffs. This seems to yield the most throughput out of all Horde races so far from what I hear, but are there other contenders, or is Troll simply the best for PvE?


As for PvP, how do the racials stack up?


I've heard a lot of praise being given to Undead due to WotF being a second mini PvP trink with a 30 sec shared CD, along with TotG giving a very minor proc to go along with it, but how do the other races compare? Is Orc still good, I remember them being solid when I last played, and I imagine they could be strong Warlocks etc, but I really don't know.


If I had to pick a Race to function best in both PvP and PvE, what would be the best bet? (lets just say for a Shadow Priest, although still interested in playing lock/mage/rogue XD)


My old main was a Goblin SPriest for the haste which was apparently top tier at the time, and the rocket jump just so I could be a decent mix of both PvP and PvE (at the time Trolls were best for PvE and Undead/Orcs for PvP, but Goblins seemed like the best mix) I'm just curious if things have changed much in that regard now.


Also, just how useful is Touch of the Grave?


The proc itself seems absurdly hard to evaluate when looked at on paper, as the damage value of the proc pretty much has zero context to me in terms of how much %damage it actually yields at any given level. Can anyone put this Racial into perspective for me? How much of your total DPS does this thing actually do, and is it doomed to decrease in value more and more as I get better and better gear (since I assume it doesn't scale off your items)? For example, if compared to Goblin 1% haste, is it better at lvl 100 in greens, but worse at lvl 100 in end game BiS gear?


Lastly, is there anything you guys think I should know about racials in general, perhaps insight on blizzards intentions on adjusting them down the road, or just your opinions on racials in general?



What are the top raiding Horde Racials these days (for Priest/Lock/Mage/Rogue mostly)?

What about PvP?

What are best Races to do both PvP/PvE?

How is Touch of the Grave compared to other DPS racials?


Anyway, thanks for reading through this, and thanks for any replies =P


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