Best Runeforge for Blood Tanks?

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The Blood tanking guide here on Icy Veins currently recommends Rune of the Fallen Crusader. I find that odd, since I would think of it as being a dps rune, but I suppose if the heal proc'd enough it would be viable.

No explanation was given as to why that might be taken over Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle, which I'd guess is the intended tanking rune. Can anyone elaborate on this or share their experience? 


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The strength on Fallen Crusader is also of great value since DS healing is based on attack power + resolve. So the proc has good defensive value even excluding the small heal.

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The strength on Fallen Crusader is also of great value since DS healing is based on attack power + resolve. So the proc has good defensive value even excluding the small heal.


That's a good point, I hadn't thought of the heal scaling on DS. 

Just to make sure... Fallen Crusader procs on hit right? I suppose it must proc enough even with haste being low in priority for secondary stats. But does it proc enough to out-weight that static armor and stam buff? I realize 2% stam is kinda 'meh' but that 4% armor is nice. Not to mention with RotFC you're left to the mercy of the RNG gods to decide your fate. 


That said, many boss encounters seem to have some mechanic that cannot be mitigated, in which case being able to heal more quickly seems more practical when you're guaranteed to take x amount of damage. That or we mess up and stand in the fire :P Which WE don't do of course...

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RotFC seems to be the clear winner here. The uptime is great (I did some small testing and it tends to be around 75-85%), during which you get little more parry, more attack power to fuel your Death Strikes and more dps. The heal component is somewhat nice too, it is based on your maximum health at the time it procs - and with stacked Shadow o Death your max health goes through the roof (btw it s also affected by Vampiric Blood).


RotSG gives less benefit, and the difference between being permanent and uptime of RotFC is quite small (especially if the fight includes tank switching). The physical damage reduction from armor is around 0.97% and you get some little Bonus Armor as well, but nothing that can compete with RotFC in the long run. The Stamina increase pales in comarison to what stacked Shadow of Death can do.


Let us mourn for the loss of RoSG for tanking. Or better yet, ask Blizzard to reanimate it in good old-fashioned DK way: better, stronger and perfected shape of its former self.

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