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Any damage critique possible?

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Hello, I looked over my logs I didn't see a whole lot of improvements I could maybe besides a few times where I delayed my trinket for a bit.

Just wondering if theres anything else anyone sees something that I missed and that I could improve on, (also I know a I have a few deaths strikes on some pulls).




Edit:where I said trinket delays I meant i noticed it while raiding I don't know if it would have actually made a difference as far as how many casts I got off of the trinket in the end of the fight.

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Your dps is decent for your ilvl. The armory won't load your character right now for some reason so I can't look at your talents, but are you using plague leech? If you aren't you should. it provides a decent dps boost for unholy since you'll gain 2 runes and can easily reapply diseases with plague strike for 1 rune.


On your twins log I see that you blood boiled 26 times, but unless you're group was just bad at getting them stacked up, you can definitely get more than that. Any time you can hit 2 targets blood boil is a gain over scourge strike, and blood boil converts runes into death runes, so if you festering strike twice for make 4 runes death runes, blood boil will keep them as death runes for the whole fight while you spam it.


Also, you should use warcraft logs, it formats the data better and is easier to find what you're looking for than WoL in my opinion.

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