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Help updating Chaos Bolt Prediction WeakAura?

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Hello everyone! I'm a huge fan of weakauras, and developed for myself a weakauras-based Destruction rotation suggester and cooldown helper that is almost 100% accurate. Currently I have it disable itself if Dark Soul is active, so that I can make the decision of what to cast for myself, even though the Chaos Bolt proc tracker I have now is pretty effective.
What it looks like at a full-ember state: http://i.imgur.com/0fcwAag.jpg
One further way I could improve this would be to implement a working chaos bolt prediction function that would output a number as text. You can see toward the right of my character that there is a random "0.05M" sitting there, sort of hidden in the snow. This is from a function that I found here on this forum after a google search at: https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/4932-weakauras-burning-ember-bar/?p=66509

local crit = GetSpellCritChance(6)
local spell = GetSpellBonusDamage(6)
local mastery = GetMasteryEffect(6)
local pre = (2488+(2.5875*spell))*(1+mastery/100)*(1+crit/100)*2.09*1.05
return math.floor(pre/10000)/100



But of course this is no longer an accurate formula for Chaos Bolt's damage, and I've never messed with these numbers before. Could anyone help me update this to a 6.0.3 state? If I could, and I could output that number, I could use it to give the rotation suggester a certain amount of intelligence with Chaos Bolt suggestion, even during procs and Dark Soul. 
Of course this isn't something I actually NEED; I think I know to Chaos Bolt with 2 trinket procs and Dark Soul ready, but tracking the relative power of an upcoming Chaos Bolt relative to the possible maximum power (something I could obtain quickly each time I do a new combat test with new gear simply by looking at what the prediction outputs during a situation with all procs + potions + dark soul) would allow me to create perhaps a color overlay or a progress bar depicting how relatively powerful a chaos bolt would be before I even fire it! How cool would that be?!
To do so would be simple if I could just get an accurate prediction. Right now that function DOES work in that it outputs a number (that isn't THAT far off) but it's definitely outdated because it's still wrong by at least 50% every time, doesn't account for multistrikes, etc...
If I can get this working I'll happily post pastebin links for the entire WeakAuras setup!


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After finding this thread I decided to try to get this WeakAura to work properly.

My findings is that the formula below works almost perfectly for me (off by 1-3 dmg) and is tested with buffs to crit, mastery and versatility. I read in changelogs that Chaos Bolt had been buffed by 8% and that is where the figure 1.07957 comes from.


Please respond if you find this to be incorrect for you.



function ()

    local school = 6
    local crit = GetSpellCritChance(school)
    local mastery, _ = GetMasteryEffect()
    local spellpower = GetSpellBonusDamage(school)
    local versatility = GetCombatRatingBonus(29)
    local pre = (1+(2.1075*spellpower)*1.07957)*(1+crit/100)*(1+mastery/100)*(1+versatility/100)*2
    return math.floor(pre)


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