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A few questions about frost mage and optimisation

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Hi there fellow mages !


Since my guild went into "almost serious" mode at WoD, I also started to be even more serious about my dps, my optimisation, and everything. So, I switched from arcane (played from 3.IDon'tRemmebrThePatch until now) to frost, because of; in one hand, the way Highmaul loot table is designed, and in the other hand, because it was the spec performing the best before hotfixes.


That's why I started to use SimCraft a few days ago, and even if I don't understand the tool quite well atm, I think that's a powerful one to have at your side.


Before asking my questions, here is my armory : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/la-croisade-ecarlate/Lucialuna/simple


Enough talking of myself, here are my questions:


-First of all, the stat priority. When I Simed myself the first time, I was quite shocked that the stat priority I was following during a few weeks (Mult>Vers=Crit>Mast>Haste) could change so fast with your gear !

Is SimCraft telling me nonsense or is it normal to have your Haste becoming more important than your Crit/Vers and then (after gearing a bit) falling slightly behind those two ?


-Second one that could be bind with the first one, I heard about some Haste cap related to the GCD that was around 989 if I remember well. Now that I'm sitting on 796 Haste, I started to think about it.

Is that cap useful to have atm or is it something we must consider when we'll head to BRF with the tier Bonus to TV ? Also, is it 989 (if the number is correct) buffed or unbuffed ?


-Well this one is not really a question, but since I'm new to Simcraft, I have no idea how to sim it; I guess the Frostwolf enchant should be ahead than the Shattered Hand one after the fixes right ? It's just that since I haven't been able to obtain some great staff, I didn't wanted to use such an expensive thing on something I would change soon enough.


-Another one much closer to the spec now:

Been doing Butcher Heroic yesterday, and I think I did pretty well ( http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-h7vp1feo1us3d1rc/sum/damageDone/?s=8680&e=8989) since the Simcraft is doing 26154dps in Patchwerk/Elite mode and that I was at 25724 yesterday as you can see on the logs.

So, I'm doing pretty well in Patchwerk style fights, but when I have a bit of movement to do, my dps is falling too fast for me (like on BrakenSpore Heroic http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-h7vp1feo1us3d1rc/sum/damageDone/?s=10888&e=11366, even with the blue shrooms buff I'm not even close to Patchwerk).

Have you got some tips that I could use for some movement heavier fights ?


-And a final bonus one for the ones using SimCraft:

Is there a tool on Simcraft that can Sim you with a piece of gear that you don't have atm ? I saw some things related to this on the "Simulate" tab but, it's not really user friendly since you have to type the correct name of the piece, and the id and everything... Is there some more "graphical" tool or if there's not, how to correctly use this one (where can I find the correct name, the id etc...) ?


Thanks in advance for your answers and forgive me for my english level, since I'm french and everybody knows that french people aren't really the best english speakers.


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