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don't be such a vegetable H-Blackenspore or stop playing with the salad

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Hi there we are getting stuck on Blackenspore and could use your help


Raid composition:

Tanks DK, Paladin

Healers: 3 druids, 1 paladin , 1 resto shaman

DPS: 1 dk, 1 moonkin, 2 hunters, 3 mages, 1 shadow priest, 1 rogue, 2 shaman, 3 warlocks


usually the raid composition varies at the beginning we take all and then we start reducing raid members while trying to kill the boss so a suggestion on what would be our best raid composition would be appreciated as well.


here's our latest warcraft logs link




by the end in most of our better attempts we were overrun by the moss so any suggestions on flamethrower use are most welcome as well.



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I wish I had actually logged my run last night now, (instead of realising that I only had logs setup on my mage sad.png )


1st thing is you have far too many healers [prob people as well] Flamethrowers scale depening on raid size and you should nominate the same 2[or however many spawn] people to always pick them up/use them


Since the logs say its normal, we 2 healed korgath/butcher ~12 player and 3 healed 6/7N ~17players, by comparison you have 14 dps 2 tanks and 5 healers, you running 1healer for less than 3 dps when you could easily run 1healer 5 dps, bear in mind the boss scales ~5m per extra body so if you got him under 5m health you would have killed him if you were 1 dps/healer lighter, I wont comment on anything else bar healing


Blue Mushroom [Rejuv i think] - This causes effective TW/BL and crazy/[verging on infinite] mana regen when your stacked under it, your not healing it though , checking out 2/3 or the runs or even total... 1 of your healers does 43% total healing on it, while another does 2%, the longer thats alive the easier the fight is for everyone


https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/3XKhwzTftMdc2C4Q#boss=-2&type=healing&by=target-- Hover over Rejuv Mushroom


Green Mushroom [Living] - assuming that your Shaman has been assigned to keep this alive, "bloom" it (100% health) when the aoe damage comes, if not as per above he's the only person healing it, 20yd range it should aoe heal the entire raid for 25k/s per player so the longer you keep it alive the less healing every1 needs to do


Paladin - ~632 so he's even with the shaman and overgearing 1 of the druids, but he's doing 1/2 the healing every1 else is :/ and less than the tank is self-healing for despite the fact he's a shield healer and can/will snipe heals from your other healers


If your healers are oom the RL hasnt explained the tactics of the fight properly, if your healers are not oom and there pulling 81k total between 5 of them, then you could easily 4 heal and prob 3 heal it



1/ Tactics

2/ 1 Healer per 4-5 DPS [not 2.8people like you have] 


EDIT: you post says Heroic, but your Log says Normal, either way, depending on you raid arrangement less healers or more dps


Druid Specific, once your under the blue mushroom and its doing it mana regen depending on how bad you raid is for damage etc you can use both natures vigil / ITOL gives you 30s where you pretty much double rejuv then instant cast regrowth spam, you dps/cleave heal and do 50k hps to the mushroom keeping it alive for miles longer than usual

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Had some issues with moss on my guild. In the end me(Disc Priest) and my friend (Ret Pally), took one each, I constantly tapped to keep it at bay while healing. However leaving large clumps to form for pally, in which case he would pop his flame, get the buff after wiping out a big patch, and kill the add, rinse repeat. We havnt struggled with moss since.

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