What legend/epics to craft next? Please read :)

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Recently I got 40 bucks worth of packs for christmas. I was EXTEREMLY lucky with my pack pulls.

I had been wanting to play handlock for ages, the one legend i get from my 20 bucks worth of vanilla, Jarraxus.

Bought 20 worth of GVG. Sneez, Dr. Boom (the other one I wanted for handlock) and the same pack as boom GOLDEN TRADE PRINCE!

I also got a bit of dust. Right now I am sitting at about 1525. With a few golds + Nozudumu or w.e and tinkmaster to DE.

I have: Sylv, grommosh, trade prince (may de), dr boom sneedz and alex.

So I am thinking of either DEing one of my bad legends (tink or nozdor) for enough dust to craft rag? There is quite a few epics I am still missing both vanilla and gvg. (recomb, faceless, class specifics like sheild slam/brawl/echo/force of nature)

I am struggling to find a deck that I love playing and that will climb well. Maybe I am just playing handlock wrong, but i climbed from 18-11 no problem then I started losing non stop and am back at 13. I struggle with pallys and control warriors.

Control warrior is a thought but I feel like I need the new legends and i am still iffy on crafting class specifics!


Should I craft rag or some epics? Is gold trade prince worth DE since A. I never play rogue. B. it seems likea "fun card"

Also any solid decks with some good legends included that can climb easy that isnt face hunter that all these retards are playing? :)

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