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trinket question

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Hi, as a destrolock would you better take the 670 Twins trinket ( +260int, activate for haste bonus)

Or the sandman pouch lvl 1 (640ilvl, 160int, crit proc)


I have 670 twins for my affli spec and I hesitate te keep it when I switch destro instead of my sandman that I can't upgrade, haste suxx for destro but 30 Ilvl...

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Item level > stats. 


If you use Shards of Nothing, you limit yourself from using Copeland's Clarity.  Copeland's + Sandman's (upgraded) is a good choice.  If you down Heroic Imperator, that stat stick trinket is pretty good, too.  If you're not going to bother upgrading Sandman's, replace it.

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