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Finding that last dps

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Started maining my ret this xpac, and doing ok'ish, but feeling like i'm not doing everything as i should.

Simmed i should be averaging 22k, but tend to stay in the 12-14k range.


Log from latest raid: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/oflietgiixhdsb6m/


Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/aszune/Dontthinkso/simple


Hope someone can pinpoint my errors.



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Okay, I'm back, and hoping to get more response this time around. I need to find more dps, as we are starting to hit a wall in progression, where we just can't push out enough damage.


Here's the log from the latest i attended: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/9hyi0r80o9v5x7hc/


Simmed i should be able to do 27.8k dps. But find myself in the 20-22k range.

I'm aware that i need a better weapon, but that's just my rotten luck on bosses.


Hope for some good advice.



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Looking at Ka'graz, it appears that you completely missed two casts of ES, HotR should not have been used at all, CS usage looks obscenely low and Judgement usage far too high. You also appear to not be using potions, which is something sims account for, so that alone is a pretty good chunk of lost damage. Only seeing the exact minimum count of HoWs cast for someone using SW, meaning that some HoWs had to have been neglected inside of execute range.


In short, your rotational priority is what is hurting you most; yeah, your weapon is pretty crappy, but you could still be doing a lot better with what you have. Might want to try using CLCRet or Hekili to help hone in on rotation.

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15 itmlvl always better as i know.



Press "edit weights", it will show you "stat weights".


Also you coud check this, but i am not shure it's right for Draenor, couse it show other stats than AskMrRobot


"Stat Weighting" - Preset - Pal-Ret - Customize


Read here about stat wegith.



Aslo you coud use Simulation Craft, it will calculate your current gear and give your stat weigts. I am not big fun of it, but probably it's best thing to calculate your stat priority for current gear(equiped on you).

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