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how much multistrike is worth how much agi?

is it worth getting a lower ilvl item for multistrike

for most of them im loosing ~17 agi but gaining ~100 multistrike is it worth it?

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Generally no, but it depends on the ilvl and other secondaries. If one of the secondaries on the higher ilvl item is mastery, then it could be if the ilvl difference is not too great.


Agi is about twice the value of mult at higher ilvls, but more at lower ilvls. So example (taken from 640 and 630 leg pieces):


640: Agi = 184, Crit = 107, Haste = 131 - weights say its value is (Mr. Robot's weights, which probably don't really apply to ilvl 630-640) 1719.


630: Agi = 167, Mult = 111, Crit = 111 - value is 1632, so it didn't pay off.


If crit on 640 changed to mastery, tho, the value would change to 1601 for the 640 piece, and then it would pay off. If you want to know for sure, then SimCraft your toon and get your stat weights.


Ofc, as soon as you meet the stupid RL or GL who believes ilvl is everything, none of this matters smile.png


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