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Resto Druid Needing Some HELP!

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Hey guy's


I am having some huge difficulty healing on this new expansion, I love the druid healing class but I feel as tho I am not doing a great job and im not hitting the numbers I should be with my class.


I have watched countless how many videos and read a lot of forums on how to improve and when I put it into raiding I just make terrible progress.


I have posted my warcraft logs at the top of the post. If anyone could just shine a light over it and tell me off for not doing my job I would be very grateful!


I have raided MoP as a resto drood and I found my class very strong but now with this new expansion I feel as tho I am doing no favours for my raid team!

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I'm just gonna do one boss, but you can look for the same things in each boss. I'll link the graphs so you can click on it and then go to a different boss to see the changes.





Harmony: 75%. This is very important buff to keep up, without it your hots dont heal for much. This needs to stay up all the time.
Lifebloom: 41%, need to work on getting this closer to 90+%. This is IMPORTANT.
Rejuv: 100% good
Germination: 95% good. We'll look into where your healing is going.

Incarnation: 2 times. Good

HotW: 1 time, good, you also used it separate from your tree of life so you staggered your cooldowns. Good.
Tranquility: 2 casts. Looks good, we'll look at its healing later.

Barkskin: 3 times. Decent. possible usable a compute more times, but its still good.

Ironbark: 3 times. Decent. You should maybe use even if the tanks don't call for it, unless you have a specific rotation for it. its a very short CD.

Nature's Swiftness: 2. You should use this ability more. It gives you a free and instant healing touch. Its great for burst on the move as well as just general healing output/ burst. Use it! ITS GOOD.

Wild Mushroom:
This is your wild mushroom healing. The purple lines are when you placed your mushroom down and the green lines are the healing it did.


You only placed it TWO TIMES. what is this? It should be near top of your healing regardless of the fight.
Each time you placed it did an ok amount of healing.  The problem with what I see in the graph is that you let it drop off and heal for ZERO.  Wild Mushroom is extremely effective even on one target (like a tank) try to keep it up more often as well as healing targets that need it.
Yell at your raid to get people in the mushroom. Learn where you have to stand and move and just move your mushroom accordingly.
This graph shows all your regrowth casts in front of your clearcasting buff.  If you see the Regrowth bar after the clearcasting background bar, then it means you probably consumed it with that spell.
Looks like you did ok with your clearcasting.  You used each one you had, but you have very little clearcasting buffs to begin with which is a result of your low Lifebloom uptime.

Tree of life / Rejuv usage:
Tree of Life 1:
Tree of Life 2:
Mainly what I'm looking for here is that you used Rejuv a decent amount of times with Tree of life. Rejuv does 50% more healing and costs 50% less mana during this time and is your best throughput spell next to wild growth.  WG will do enormous amounts of healing as well but you need to plan that with your mana management outside of ToL.


You did well using rejuv during Tree, and even at least 1 wild growth. Very good usage here. You can try to aim for 3 wild growths in each ToL, but it may be much for your mana.
Nature's Swiftness usage:
Looks like the 2 you used were on Healing touch. Good., but you defienlty should have been able to use it another 2 or 3 times.


IMO: Its always better to use Nature's swiftness with a healing touch. Until someone can show me otherwise, I'm going to say you should be trying to use it more often and with healing touch.





For the most part your healing play style is good. The main things you need to work on are Wild Mushroom, Harmony, Lifebloom, and Nature's swiftness.  Lets looks at your healing overall. 




Overall, your spell selection looks good.  The thing thats holding your healing back mainly is Wild mushroom, lifebloom and harmony up times.  Once you get that up closer to 100% we can look more into what you're doing.


Is there a specific fight you want to look at or talk about?  I picked this fight becasue its not entirely too crazy with mechanics (except the purple shield)

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Again thanks for all your help! You helped me last time and pointed out what I was doing wrong. I must admit, and as silly as this sounds. But keeping track and uptime on LB has been an issue with me, I don't know why in this expansion, But I have been letting it fall off a lot. Although after I posted this thread last night, Our guild successfully killed Imperator Heroic and I found my healing a lot better throughout the fight but I didn't log it! So I would of liked to compare,


The only fight I would really want to look at would be the imperator, I feel as tho that's the only fight I am really struggling with as it requires your healers to be up to spec, A little check over would be appreciated but you don't have to go into detail, I need to learn how to use logs myself (but its difficult) :P


Thanks again! I will keep posted on progression and hopefully next time, You will see an improvement!



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Overall, your spell selection looks good.  The thing thats holding your healing back mainly is Wild mushroom, lifebloom and harmony up times.  Once you get that up closer to 100% we can look more into what you're doing.


Heres my log for the same fight [Random 12N Pug last night], No idea why theres 3 resto druids :/




Mushroom + Lifebloom = 2m healing ~20% // Yours is ~800k 6%


Lack of Harmony uptime also drops your RG healing massively


Your Average: 33928 14 Casts/14 Crit [Glyphed]

My Average: 34615 [Not Glyphed]  + Average HOT Tick of 704


Once you include HOT its almost 6k difference per cast, even though you have 100% crit chance and I only have ~70% (and i have less gear)


Overhealing comes into it at some point as well [especially if your having mana issues]


A Lot of it is unavoidable [Lifebloom/Tranq/Mushroom etc] But others are (and when you compare a massive drop in HPS/Output as well as a mana drain)


WG at nearly 26% using it at a slightly better time (or generally lower health %) would reduce this massively & increase output by ~50k per cast as well at not wasting mana [at that overheal % rejuv is more than likely higher output per mana spent]

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The thing with imperator is that there's periods where there's burst healing, and periods where there's a lull.

The thing you need to do is until the 1st transition, your healers should just be doing all the passive mana positive healing you can do and use cooldowns (amp, ascendance, tree of life) when an add spawns.

Don't use any mana until the first transition.

Then use big cds like barrier, tranq, healing tide, for waves of small adds your killing in the transition.

Then phase 3 you need to start using a little bit more mana than the previous (keep cycling passive cooldowns throughout) but you really need to manage as much mana as you can for transition 2 and phase 4.

Personally, I just use dream of cenarius and spam wrath until the transition. I try to keep LB and harmony up, but it's less important to me because I trust my other healers (my paladin and disc) to keep up with the tanks for those early phases.

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Having the same issue (spec with imperator) so Im gonna borow your post Aloea. Am doing alilte more then 2m healing output less ( about 3k hps) then Shuyín,another druid in this team. I looked at our armory and I saw that she had more int at the time of the loging ( I had a pair of dungeon legs on me at the time) then me, so im wondering if it is just that or if Im doing someting else, other then needing to have a better uptime on lb and harmony, and probebly natureswiftness (I dont really get why I shuld use it when there is noting going on).

Log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Nat34nTWRGdh79PQ

armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/veknilash/Delaila/simple

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Hey Krazyito, 


From when we last spoke about my healing performance, I was having some issues with healing, Since then i have only done Mythic Bladefist 20M.


I was part of the stadium team on this fight, But i did my best to keep up times on buffs etc etc.


Could you by any chance have a little look over these logs and see if there is any improvement.


Thanks alot!

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The biggest thing i see is it seems you didnt use your mushroom at all when you were in the stands, maybe only once or twice.  The graph above shows (in purple) when you placed your mushroom and when you were affected by chain hurl (in yellow).  What I'm lookig for mainly is a purple line right after chain hurl where you put a new mushroom up top.


NOTE: there might be the posibility that logs don't reach up there? I don't know.


Try to keep it on your group while you're up there (especially the tank more than anyone). Its still really good on one target.


try to use Nature's swfitness more.  You only used it twice in a 6m fight.

You could have probably used Tree of Life at least one more time.


Other than that, everything looks fine. Doesn't seem like you're dying to lack of heals more to people standing in stupid shit.

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