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Help me critique my guildmate

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I've been asked to provide a few pointers to a fellow DK in my guild. 


I play UH and he plays DW frost so I was hoping some frost experts could chime in.



Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/whisperwind/Hypershark/advanced


Log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/9thZR6bK8rgwxjqn/#fight=5&type=casts&source=8



Things that I noticed:


- Obviously he needs to use Soul Reaper A LOT more

- I feel like he's hitting Plague Strike too much, does DW use plague strike that much?

- Missed a few Defile casts


Am I missing anything?

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he's definitely using plague strike and obliterate too much. you get 2x as many frost/death runes as you do unholy runes. so you should expect 2x as many frost rune spells cast compared to unholy. So here's his rune usage breakdown


57 frost runes on howling blast

-4 freezing fog for free procs,

13 Frost runes on obliterate

6 frost runes on death strike? if this kept him alive it's obviously worth it, but it's definitely a huge dps loss

72 Frost runes spent


Unholy Runes

25 unholy runes for plague strike

13 for obliterate

6 for Defile

6 for Death strike

50 Unholy Runes spent


that gives us a ratio of 72:50 compared to the expected ratio of 2:1 which would give us a rune useage of 81:41 He used 9 death runes to cast unholy spells, If we convert 9 plague strikes into howling blasts he'd gain about 90-100k more damage for the fight which is about a 400-500dps boost.


He cast defile 6 times in the fight, given the fight length of 273 he could potentially use defile as many as 9 times, but even if we just get that 6 up to 7 or 8, each defile is getting ~9 ticks at 5.2k per tick. so 45k damage per defile vs 4k per plague strike. thats another 80k damage added to the fight total for another 400 dps boost.


3 soul reapers is way too low. Soul reaper is the single most important spell for any DK, even tanks. if we conservatively estimate 5 more soul reapers at 49k a pop (7.5k initial hit + 41.5k execute) and subtract out even his hardest hitting rune spending attack howling blast which is 14.5k that's still a net gain of 34.5k damage per soul reaper. Total gain just getting 5 more soul reapers in is 172k damage, or about a 800 dps boost.


Gaming Unholy Runes

I bolded this one because I just noticed something huge. Earlier when I stated he's obviously using too many plague strikes/obliterates because his rune usage is not 2:1 I actually missed something important. for DW Frost it's absolutely critical to use either Blood Tap or Runic Empowerment instead of Runic Corruption, and he also definitely needs to start using plague leech. These are important because they'll allow him to game his unholy runes and turn more of them into death runes to be used for howling blast. the actual ratio may be more like 2.2:1 if gamed properly


Just using plague leech in the first place compared to not using it is about a 600dps gain, properly gaming death runes with it for DW frost can squeeze out an extra 100-200dps gain.


Every runic corruption proc is giving you basically 1/3 death rune 1/3 frost rune and 1/3 unholy rune. if we assume each frost/death rune is going to give you 10k more dps than an unholy rune. that means runic corruption is a 3k damage loss per proc compared to RE or BT. 3k * 27 procs /273 fight length. thats another 300dps boost by changing his talent choice.



This concludes the full blown guide to your DK tongue.png . it's mostly a lot of little things, if I were to pick one to be the biggest issue it's definitely soul reaper, but if you add up all the little things they add up to easily 2.5-3k more dps potentially.

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