[Frost] Need help with a guild member's DPS

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A guild mate of mine is having issues with his DPS as a frost mage.

His item level is 660 now, and he is pulling rather low dps compared to simcraft and the performance of other mages around his ilvl.


His armory (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/lightnings-blade/wen/advanced)


Me and him did a pug last night on heroic butcher, so i could get a log of the fight to see what was wrong.


Log (https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/nMkKymF6HY1JjwRx#)


He was concerned because my warlock (Sydin 649) was out DPSing him and neither of us were handling stacks, so it was a decent baseline.


From what i remember he is using the rotation on the icy-veins guide.


I'm not exactly sure what is wrong or not, so maybe you guys can help?

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Hi There!


I only had enough time to review your guildies opener.  With that being said, I do believe there is room for improvement.  The following are some things I noticed that would result in a dps loss.


• Refreshing Frost Bomb on Butcher while Prismatic Crystal is out.  Don't do this since that Frost Bomb could have been a damage ability cast on the Prismatic Crystal.  Instead try casting Frozen Orb --> Frost Bomb --> Prismatic Crystal.  This way Frost Bomb should stay up for the entire duration of Prismatic Crystal.


• Placement of Prismatic Crystal is not allowing Ice Lance to cleave Butcher resulting in Frost Bomb not triggering.  Losing out on the Ice Lance cleave dmg, Frost Bomb dmg, and the Frost Bomb cleave dmg.  Placing the Prismatic Crystal directly under Butcher should fix the problem.


The first bullet is not much of a dps loss but I thought it would still be worth mentioning. The second bullet on the other hand is pretty significant.  If the opener is executed correctly, your guildie should see 65k+ dps in his opener.  Hope this helps!


I'm not sure I will have a chance to look over the rest of the log.  Hopefully, someone else can take a look at it make some suggestions for your guildie. 


Take Care!

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