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Not sure if im up to scratch...

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Hi guys, thanks for reading firstly, iv came back to WoW missing out cata completly and the use of focus, reached level 90, started raiding, 2nd boss in vaults in terms of progression. the reason for this thread is basicly i feel my dps with the gear i have compaired to many other hunters seems to be lacking, and with mixed opinions all around...

il post the usual/need to know stuff first anyway;http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/nordrassil/Draverm/advanced

hit capped, exp capped, i currently dont use world of logs.

using recount to keep what i can as best as i can, over about a 5min fight or 10 - 15min fight my dps is between 40k and 45k against a raid target dummy or a turnip dummy. but in raids where im doing the usual tactics my dps is around 35 kto 40k. the rotation im using, is: AMOC, BA, SS, ES, GT, DB, CB, rapid fire, stampead, then from there on out its keeping ss up using ES on CD, AC when ever i cant use anything else, readyness and back to the starting rotation. im unsure if this is right, from what i can remember in WOTLK it was usualy keeping BA up firing off ES and spamming Steady shot. with missing out cata im sure it could be im doing it all completly backwards. aswell as this, iv had 1 or 2 hunters tell me to stack haste, and the dps the output is great, but i cant replicate the results. iv had a look at femaledwarf and it puts my combined dps at 32k? says im not hit or exp capped so im not sure whats going on. if anyone can simplify the rotation, or give me somewhere to start on this it would help a massive amount, having tryed almost every thing im at a loss and started to look at other classes, which i dont want to do as iv played my hunter since vanilla.

thanks for reading, and any comments or anything said i will take as constructive critisism. and i am aware im missing 2 enchants which will soon be sorted.



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Hey there!

Thanks for posting.

You'll excuse me if some of the things I say are redundant or you already knew them.

Firstly, you should make sure that you read our Survival Hunter guide. It should answer a lot of your questions.

Secondly, I don't know if it was a typo on your part or not, but you stated that you are using Steady Shot. You should absolutely not be using Steady Shot as Survival, ever. You should use Cobra Shot instead.

Thirdly, you should plug your character into Ask Mr. Robot (your own link is going to be http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/eu/nordrassil/draverm) and hit Optimize. This is going to show you what gems, enchants, and reforges you need to switch around. I've had a look and it seems like you're mostly in the right place, but there are still a few key changes you can make.

Without having any logs, it's very hard to tell more precise information. Also, DPS done on a target dummy generally constitutes a very small sample size, which doesn't carry much weight.

Again, to reiterate, make sure to read our guide here on Icy Veins (the rotation and talents pages especially).

Let us know if you have any other questions :)

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Looking at your armory I can best advise that first of all you should never gem for hit. In fact, unless the socket bonus is higher in Agility than you could get from gemming it directly, ALWAYS gem for Agility. If the socket bonus is not Agility, ignore it and gem for Agility.

The same can be said for enchanting. If an item slot has an available Agility enchant (within MoP recipes of course) enchant the Agility. Otherwise gem the next best stat in your priority.

As far as rotation is concerned, NEVER as BM or SV should you be using Steady Shot. Cobra Shot is your main focus regen tool. Along the lines of Cobra Shot, ensure that you have Serpent Sting up at all times. Keep in mind that Cobra Shot refreshes its duration so try to time a Cobra Shot to refresh it as opposed to wasting a GCD recasting SS.

Other than that you seem on the right track in terms of using every single BA and ES you possible can.

With any spec you should aim to glyph for your spec as well. In both BM and Survival tiers you have Chimera Shot glyphed. That is a MM exclusive ability and a waste of a glyph slot. I would recommend Glyph of Animal Bond, Marked for Death and either Diengage or Deterrence. Animal Bond will make your healers a lot happier, MFD will save you a cast of Hunter's Mark, and the last two are fairly interchangeable but easily the most viable for raiding.

Reforge as much as possible to keep your hit and expertise at or as close to 7.50% as possible. The higher you go over this number is the more reforging you could do to improve crit or mastery.

Too much haste is also wasteful. Assuming you are using Dire Beast every time it comes off of cooldown you should never have to reforge or gem for haste. Personally I prefer Thrill of the Hunt as it gives 3 free Arcane shots on proc (30% proc chance). As most of my focus is saved for Kill Command (or in Surv case ES and BA) then this is great as it allows me 3 filler shots with no focus penalty.

The last thing I would advise is to not raid in Survival. BM will give you the best results as it stands.

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