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stat caps..

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was curious do we have stat caps soft and hard caps for UH.


are we shooting for a peticular soft cap for multistrike,mastery,crit,haste or versatility


is there DR on any of these at a point.


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All stats sort of diminish and increase relative to the amount of other stats you have. if you have high mastery then multistrike may be most valuable, if you have more multistrike then mastery could be your top stat to work on getting more of, but as it is right now there aren't really any obtainable caps for any stats.


Haste will essentially cap when you are resource capped (meaning you generate runes as fast as you can spend them) I haven't put a lot of thought into what this number would be for UH though because we're still a good ways off from this since haste is our lowest stat anyways so hopefully you won't have haste on more than 3-4 pieces of gear anyways. but if somehow you're at like 1500 haste rating then you may have even more reason to drop as much haste as you possibly can.


Multistrike and Crit should both theoretically diminish the closer you get 100%. As far as I know wow no longer has built in diminishing returns as far as the amount of rating it takes to gain 1% of any stat, however statistically speaking the closer you get to 100% the less difference 1% more will make. (2% is 2x better than 1%. but 51% is only 1.02x better than 50%.) so as you approach 100% each 1% more is less effective than the previous 1%, however we're a long ways off from this mattering. Crit specifically has a hard cap of 76% (unless it's changed since wrath that was the last time I played a character that had to worry about crit hard cap) this is due to hit cap(even though we don't have to gear for it, it still exists), dodge, parry, and glancing blows. All of these types of attacks can become hits due to stats on the character sheet, but can not become crits. People are saying Multistrike hard cap is 100%


tl/dr: just keep stacking mastery and multristrike, you can't reach any particular caps right now anyways. Next tier we may need to start looking at some multistrike and haste softcaps though.

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