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[Frost]Ice Nova Question

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It's a pretty simple question, honestly.  Just a bit of confusion from most things I have read.  Do we cast both charges of Ice Nova at one time on one target or do we just cast both charges for multiple targets?  I wasn't sure if the debuff stacked, extended or increased the damage.  Sorry if this sounds a bit like a silly question but I'm seriously just trying to pick up my DPS in raids and switching from Fire spec so I'm re-familiarizing myself with the minor changes of frost.

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Generally, you want to use Ice Nova, when it's necessary and sufficient.


You you never want is, 2x Ice Nova being ready and you don't use it for a lot of time. That is wasted damage.


However, if you suspect, that your PC is going to be ready in a few seconds, then you save your Ice Nova for it..

Are there going to be adds to be Ice Novad down soon? Yep? Save it.


Are you on the move, and have nothing else to cast? Cast Ice Nova.


Are your cleave targets in range right now, and you know that they aren't going to be in such position any time soon? Cast Ice Nova.


The keyword is: Efficiency!

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