Elemental Shaman. In need of help on mobile fights.

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Looking for any tips or anything. Feel like I'm not performing well on mobile fights. I seem to be able to keep up with everyone on Butcher or kargath but fall short after that. My heroic Imp dps seems poor compared to everyone else. 


This is our last H imp kill.


Using EM, Primal, and elemental fusion. 

We do circle strat for first 2 phases then run back and forth the pillars for 3rd phase

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First of all i don't consider myself a pro or anything so i'm just gonna try and help with what i've seen and tried so here we go :D


Starting with gear i have to point out that 34% MS seems a bit low for your ilvl and mastery a bit more than you need. Now you may think mastery is made for movement but imo its just an auto attack so haste covers for its low damage. (That could be armory's false stat number so in that case forget i ever mentioned it :P)


Now to talents. EM-Primal-EF from experience falls too far behind. I've tried many if not every combinations and i ended up with AS-UF-LM. Your haste is indeed pretty good but give AS a try, it might surprise you. UF even though it makes Unleash Flame a crucial part of your rotation, meaning that its movement boost is not controlled, is still higher than Primal and EB. Thats probably because it boosts LB's damage which you cast frequently on the move when it procs. LM needs some planning ahead so you don't miss totem timer and boss doesn't move out of its range, BUT if you manage to use it correctly it helps in many situations. For example at Imperator, place it between the two ogre adds and damage them both, keep dealing damage to boss when you focus the arcane elemental add and if timing helps deal with the smaller adds better.


Hope i helped, gl next time biggrin.png

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