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Help my 2h Frost DK!

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Hey guys, thought I'd ask for some help as I really need to up my numbers to keep my spot on the mythic team.  Here's my armory and Heroic Imperator log for this week, I really appreciate the help!






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The odds are stacked pretty heavily against you. All the melee above you are 7-12ilvl higher than you.


You didn't really do anything too wrong on the fight. You could probably plague leech almost 2x more than you did, and it's possible to get a few more soul reapers too, especially if you start soul reapering the adds (it's a gamble but you may need to take it if you want catch up to melee 10 ilvl ahead of you), soul reaper the mages, soul reaper the reaver, make sure you constantly switch back to imperator for soul reaper once he's below 35%, even if you need to switch off the add for a second to soul reaper him.


but other than that I'm not really seeing anything else wrong with your log.

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