Fury warrior, please help.

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I need to signifigantly improve my DPS, but I'm not sure how I can do this. In the past few weeks, I've not changed anything apart from equipment but I've felt a DPS loss, or just no gain at all. 


SimCraft says I should be doing about 24k in my current form, but I can't seem to break ahead of 18k, or the odd 20k.


When beginning a fight I usually charge in, blood thirst, execute if I can, raging blow if enraged, if not pop berserker rage and go from there. I dump my rage into wild strike if I'm enraged, but conserve it if not. Or try to.


Any suggestions, assistance would be helpful.




Logs (I think):

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Hey man, I looked at your logs and your Enrage uptime is only 37%. What this means is:

A. 63% of the time your attacks aren't doing 10% extra damage

B. Raging Blow procs


So then I took a look at your stats and you're only at 13% crit which means when your bloodthirst only has a 53% chance of enraging you (assuming no mark of the thunderlord(s), skull of war, or tectus trinket proc).


From what I can tell, your biggest problem is not having enough crit. You want at least 20% crit (to have stable enrage uptime.


Here's my armory to get a good idea of what your stats should look like:


TL;DR Get more crit

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Thanks, Sven. Do you think it would be worth it to go back and replace some of the Highmaul epics with 630 Heroics gear for the Critical Strike?

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Thanks, Sven. Do you think it would be worth it to go back and replace some of the Highmaul epics with 630 Heroics gear for the Critical Strike?


No, as the higher STR on the highmaul epics outweighs the crit from the 630 gear.


Right now, our BIS gear from highmaul does not contain enough crit. With full 670 BIS gear (assuming no sockets or warforged) your crit is only around 15%.


Luckily I've gotten a lot of prismatic sockets for crit gems, so my crit is at 21%.


In my opinion the best thing you can do is pick up Arms as your offspec as Arms does significantly more damage on Tectus, Brackenspore, and Twin Ogron thanks to Arms's cleave/AOE output. I also use Arms on imperator, but fury is about the same for imperator.


As you can tell on this warcraftlogs link ( Fury warriors perform better on the single target fights (Kargath, Butcher, Ko'ragh), Arms performs better on the AOE/cleave fights (Tectus, Bracken, Twins), and both are generally the same for imperator.

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Update. Went Arms, at Sven's suggestion and much as I wanted to stay Fury, for Imperator and my DPS jumped up by 5k.

Thanks, Sven!

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Update. Went Arms, at Sven's suggestion and much as I wanted to stay Fury, for Imperator and my DPS jumped up by 5k.

Thanks, Sven!

You're welcome! I wouldn't give up on Fury in the future, Fury tends to be not so good at the beginning of an xpac and then amazing towards the end (like in MOP)

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