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Kerthon is Bad at holy priest and want to get better

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Im sorry if these post fill up you forum way too much, but as you might have guessed am I not happy with my performance using the holy spec.


My Armoury: Kerthon


A Single Log


My current rotation does not eviate much from icy-veins' recommended rotation. I try to keep up renews where they are needed and refresh them with binding heal while spot-healing with Holy Word: Serenity /or Heal where it is needed. For periods of heavy damage (tectonic upheaval in this case) am I using binding heal to build serendipity and using those charges on Prayer of Healing. I try to use Prayer of Mending on cooldown throughout the entire encounter.


I have realized four points I can improve on while reading the log however. Based on comments made in other threads can I guess my 97 casts of renew is low for a ~9 minute fight. I do not seem to use circle of healing at all. and instead of using PoH or Heal when I have 2 stack of serendipty in low damage phases do I just keep on using binding heal. essentially wasting alot of healing potential. Lastly, my gear is very recently Disc-specced, which shows.


My main concern is that my healing throughput is so low compared to the rest of the raidgroup our guild partly because im a bit late to the party, and if I consistently pull far lower numbers than the rest of the healers can I kiss goodbye to raiding for now. I know their gear leave my character in the dust, but I dont think my low performance is only due to gear, it is lack of good healing skills as well.


If you've read this far; thank you for your time and I would love your input smile.png

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Less binding heal, more renew. Use CoH like you said yourself. Binding heal SHOULD NOT be your go-to spell. Keep renew up on as many people as your mana regen allows. and use CoH ON CD as long as it DOES NOT over heal. 
You seem to have picked up the areas you could improve on, so that is good. Improve on those and TRUST ME. Using CoH will see your throughput increase A LOT as it is your strongest spell.  If you can afford it, change all your gems and enchants to multistrike, that will also help in your throughput. 
Just keep renew up. And if "big boss ability X" is coming then pre-hot. 
But you're using binding heal far too much and CoH not enough. 
I would probably also change from Solace to Mindbender as mindbender is a fire-and-forget mana regen(use it first when you're at like 95% mana and on CD from there) and it's a LOT less to manage that Solace.
Also. Cast Prayer of Mending on CD, because unlike disc that's a spell that actually DOES something.

To sum up:
Less binding heal, more CoH and renews. Probably change from solace to mindbender.

It's good to see that you picked up on areas you can improve :)

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One of the things I see is that you're gemming for mastery, while it helps with echo, multistrike really shines (+5% more perk) Your stats are a bit crit heavy, but that's fine. If anything, I suggest spending some time in an ashran event group and get some conquest points for some pvp 660 gear. This gear is utterly amazing, you can get haste+multistrike on the big pieces, and multi+mastery / haste+mastery on the off pieces. And Spirit on rings, neck, cloak, trinkets. I would aim for 2 pieces of pvp t17 set for the PoM bonus.


Starting out on fights I always pre-Lightwell then change chakras to red, to help initial damage then depending on the fights I will change to serenity or sanctuary, serenity if its mainly ST damage or sanctuary for raid wide damage. I then blanket the tanks and then the people who will be taking damage, then to anyone without the buff with renews. As soon as 5 people take some damage CoH. I use PoM on CD as I have the 2 piece set bonus for pvp which increases my vers to 8% with 5 stacks, in which I can keep up ~ 60% of most fights. 


Play with some of your talents, as tonight I learned on Ko'ragh that Spectral Guise lets you avoid damage from 3 of those green orbs, as well as fade to remove the slow on you+10% damage reduc.


Also, your raid group is 4 healing / 12 people. It's very heal heavy and I would suggest for 12 people, running with 2-3 heals. If you keep adding more healers there won't be a lot left to heal, with the hots from Druids and Shamans, with the disc shields. The best case scenario is that you renew everything and heal the damage spikes / serenity and tank heal.


If you're going to use Solace, use solace. On Tectus, 9 uses in 9 minues. Mindbender would have served you better for the fire and forget. But use it on CD after you have used about 5-10% of your mana, as Kulia suggested.


If you can, get as many of the glyphs as you can. My "default" glyphs would be Fade -10% damage, Lightwell +2 charges, and Binding Heal +1/Renew +25%/CoH+1/Smite+20% damage/Holy Fire Range..

On Kargath I usually go Inquisition,Smite,Lightwell and dps my holy heart out, casting only lightwell, renew, and only healing when I go into the stands as the druid and disc priest have it when I'm not up there. (stupid pw:s, CoW, and hots up the gazoo)

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Play with some of your talents, as tonight I learned on Ko'ragh that Spectral Guise lets you avoid damage from 3 of those green orbs, as well as fade to remove the slow on you+10% damage reduc.
I didn't get the hint, what green orbs do you speak of? Great to be reminded of the versatility of fade!

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