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Arcane/Fire mage log analysis

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We believe our mage could be putting a good chunk more damage. Currently he's MS arcane with fire as his OS. I've got 2 logs for analysis, both on heroic butcher kills. I also have a PoV of our (rather late) first imperator kill. Could you guys be so kind as to help me out looking for mistakes? I know the basics of Arcane and a tiny bit about Fire but advice from people who main the class would be more appropriate.



Arcane: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/TZ1GX2qPW7LpHmgM#type=summary&source=133

Fire: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/AKzPn8WmpkHQNZF2#fight=18&type=damage-done&source=140


Here is the fire PoV: 


For fire he doesn't have much crit and it was before the latest hotfix, he was merely trying it out for the first attempt of the night and we managed to get the kill.

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I'm not going to check the logs, because I'm very bad at analyzing Arcane and Fire from logs, but I'll check the video... :)


In the begining you cast Scorch for no reason at all. You don't have to move, there's nothing under your feet, waste of DPS. And even then, Ice Floes with Rapid Displacemenet should be more than enough on that fight for movement. (and you really shoudl use Ice Floes much more frequently. During most of the fight, it was just sitting there, unused, ready to fire some Fireballs.


You don't do the correct rotation in case you have 1 Pyroblast! and 1 Heating up! proc. You just immediately use Pyroblast, which is incorrect. You should cast another Fireball, and once it gets launced, you immediately cast your Pyro, so you have the double chance to get another one (either form pyro/fireball crit).


You've sometimes started hardcasting Pyroblast, pay attention to what you are casting!


Combustion was ready from 1.25, yet you delayed it until 2.40. Unless you had to save it for some reason because of your tactic, this is a huge loss.. And even then, it would have almost reset by that time anyway..



MI was also ready for 30 seconds at around 2.10.


I can't see anything else right now :)

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MI is quite bad for fire. Rather take RoP/IF

At the start you make a bigger mistake. You get a scorch crit then fireball crit and then not only do you instantly use your pyroblast but even follow it up with Inferno Blast. In that situation what you wanted to do was (assuming you had precasted scorch which is a mistake):

Scorch (crits 1x HU)

Cast Fireball

Whilst Fireball travels cast inferno blast

Fireball hits. If it crits you will have 1x HU and 1x HS.

If it doesn't crit you will you just recast fireball untill it does.

When it does Crit you will be in a situation with HU/HS + you casting a Fireball.

As that Fireball finishes instantly press pyroblast, followed by Meteor. If that pyro crits, you will be able to fire an extra pyro and then combust. If it doesn't you can Inferno Blast if it's off CD and then immediatelly combust (combustion is not on the GCD).

You also always apply living bomb. Living Bomb is dogshit for single target, if you chose to take it only use it when you can spread it with Inferno Blasts on the adds. Otherwise Blast Wave is also great for this fight.

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