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Resto shaman needs advices !

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Hello, I need help with my Shaman. My healing feels weak compared to the other healers in my group, and i'm seeking advice, tips and criticism to improve my gameplay.




Some logs :






Thanks !

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Hello, kekpop.


First thing that I noticed in your Armory is that you don't have weapon enchant. You got the Staff at 8/01, today 18/01 - still no Enchant. You have to do it.


Second: why do you have Water Shield in Glyphs? It doesn't really help and resto shamans have much more benefit glyphs like Glyph of Spiritwalker's Focus for example. You should make a Spirit enchant on your weapon instead of using Water Shiled glyph.



I'm looking at your longest attempt (7:41) on Twin Ogrons.


Your Riptide uptime here is really-really low. It never should be 62% - you should be aiming for 100%. Except of losing its heal, you constantly lose Tidal Waves buff - so no +30% Crit chance for Healing Surge and no faster cast for healing Wave. Your TW uptime is only 61% - should be around 100%.


You shouldn't use Glyph of Riptide healing with Resto Druid and Disc Priest. You lose 2/3 of your Riptide healing, having already HoT and Shield classes in raid. Except of it, with your low Riptide uptime why to use Glyph - it does nothing for you except of lowering your healing.


You had Echo of the Elements in talents. With Glyph of Riptide this talent does not affect Riptide anymore. You didn't dispel in this fight, so it leave us to work only with Unleashed Life. You casted UL 11 times. Even without talent this is much less that it could be casted. So we can say here that EotE talent was completely wasted.

Do not take Glyph of Riptide or cast much more UL if you take this talent.


Only one cast of Elemental Blast. So you didn't benefit from this talent at all.


One cast of Healing Tide Totem. Should be at least two and even three with good timing.


I see that you used mana potion and from this graph we can see that you were completely OOM after 3 and half minutes of the fight and from 6th minute onwards.

It happens because 1) you don't have weapon Spirit enchant 2) you have useles Glyph that messes with your mana return 3) you don't cast Elemental Blast having it in talents. EB increases your Spirit for 1000 for 8 sec. - you should cast it on CD.


Looking into your Imperator kill I saw more or less same things.

Well, Riptide uptime is much better here. But what are these 28 casts of Earth Shield? Did your tanks lose it all the time or you swapped it on every tank swap? Frankly, never saw such a thing :) And it ate a huge amount of your mana.


I see that you are OOM here after 4:30 min of the fight and from 7th min completely. You really should make an enchant, change Glyph and use EB on CD.


For this fight you chose CBT - very good chose, but you didn't cast it! 2 cast in 11 min fight is definitely not enough.


One cast of HTT and one cast of Ascendance in 11 min. is very low too. It should be at least 3 and 3.



Well, to summarize all this:

I think that you should make a wep Spirit enchant asap, change the glyph, always use EB on CD.

If you take a talent, you should use it (like in examples with EotE, CBT or EB)

Pay attention at you main CDs (HTT and Asc) casts amount -  it can be much better.


Hope, it helps :)

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First, thanks a lot for taking the time to analyze my logs and giving me so many advice.


I have some trouble dealing with the flames on the Twin Orgons, but that's not an excuse for such a low cooldown usage. I'll try to track my cooldown / buff and use them more frequently, especially my talents, instead of focusing on the healing frames. I'll also replace this glyph and enchant spirit !


I'll try to apply all that in my next raid, and post the new logs.


Thanks again !

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Those video's are fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I've had some issues with the fire and healing on the move isn't really a strength of ours. I think this will help a great deal and I will pass this onto guildies :)

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Dodging fire on Twins is very challenging. Not going to lie. But maybe these tips will help.






In all your attempts I see you use a lot of healing surge. You want to reserve this major heal for oh shit times. Like when your tanks are low or people are about to die...this is your biggest heal and its very costly. This is not very mana efficient. You should be focusing on maintaining your HST, Riptide up....I suggest looking into weak auras and using some weak auras exports in Pandacho's Weak Auras thread. They really help a lot in maintaining these up on cd.


Also, I suggest taking up Elemental Blast and adding that to your rotation, instead of Echo of the Elements.  It increases your spirit by 1000 for 8seconds which is a nice increase to your mana pool at no cost.


Also something that I really found hard to keep track of was the cds between HST and CBT. So as advised, I found it easier and more efficient to take up High Tide instead of the CBT talent which actually decreased my potential for optimal healing.  This also made it easier for me in encounters like Twins and Mythic Kargath which I had to keep track of my CDs and had a lot of movement required.


Hope this helps. Good luck!

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