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Hey guys


With the added complexity of Highmaul mechanics I thought it was time to add some things to my UI and refine it to make things easier.


I am hoping you can assist me with perhaps tweaking the additions i have made as I have built it mainly from googling things and having someone's actual experience and knowledge would really help.


I have added a large health bar right next to my cool downs with weak auras 2 so I can easily see it when performing my rotation. Sounds simple but i have been looking up at my avatar picture at the top left for ages and this seems quicker to see when I am in trouble. i am fine with this.


I have used 'tell me when', to show a large square rend icon when rend is applied. This shows a number countdown in the middle which has been really useful for tracking when rend is applied to a target. On reflection and after using the weak auras 2 health bar i am thinking a bar would be better showing the ticking time on rend.....Does anyone know how to set this up?


Finally I have used Quartz to show enemy spell casting both on my target and all enemy spells cast in a raid encounter. This has become essential for all the interrupts I have to do. This is ok but again I am wondering if Weak Auras 2 can achieve this and in addition, show a time left before cast or a countdown to the cast then the cast so I can prepare to interupt as the casts of say Decay by the Fungal Flesh Eater really casts fast!!


Any guidance or tips would be superb guys!


Kind regards



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