Burning Elemental Reaction

Burning Elemental Reaction in Genshin Impact

This page contains information about the Burning Reaction in Genshin Impact, explaining what Burning is, how the Elemental Reaction occurs as well as some recommendations for characters which utilise this reaction.

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Burning Reaction Guide in Genshin Impact

Burning is an Elemental Reaction caused by applying Pyro onto Dendro and vice versa. When a Burning reaction occurs, a Burning Aura will appear on an enemy which will deal damage over time as well as consume the Dendro Aura. Damage from Burning also cannot CRIT with the exception of Nahida's The Root of All Fullness (C2). Once the target runs out of either Burning or Dendro, the reaction will end.

Burning can occur on wooden objects when you apply Pyro to them which will also function similarly. Burning can also happen to grass which will deal more damage based on the level of the grass.

When any character in your party is afflicted with Burning, it will function in the same way dealing damage over time until the Dendro Aura has been consumed. If you change party members, any off-field characters can not be damaged by Burning but the Dendro will still be consumed. This makes it possible to wait out Burning damage.

Burning can also be triggered by applying Pyro to Quicken. The Quicken aura will essentially act like Dendro if either Hydro or Pyro is applied. This consumes the Quicken Aura instead of just maintaining it like in Aggravate and Spread.


Best Burning Characters

Currently, no character in Genshin Impact focuses on dealing damage as a Burning DPS although some characters may have Burning DMG as a by-product when dealing Burgeon DMG. There are 2 characters which have effects which can increase the Elemental Reaction DMG of Burning. These are:

Character Explanation
Nahida Nahida's The Root of All Fullness (C2) allows Burning to CRIT as mentioned previously.
Baizhu Baizhu's All Things Are of the Earth increases Burning Reaction DMG for each 1,000 HP below 50,000 HP.


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