Sorcerer Mastery Leveling Build for Last Epoch

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This is the perfect leveling guide for new players wanting to start with Sorcerer! This page will cover everything and anything you could need to know about leveling the class, including which skills to use, what stats to prioritize, and what uniques are useful early in the game.

Sorcerer Mastery Leveling Build Guide


This Sorcerer mastery leveling guide is designed to get us started in the right direction with your new Mastery, by offering a simple skill setup to assist us while we play through main story act of the game and begin the Monolith endgame. We have chosen a set of skills and passives that create an effective and yet simplistic play style that can rapidly push our character to level 70 and complete the main campaign.

This build uses Fireball Icon Fireballs with homing to chase enemies down while we move around the map with our Teleport Icon Teleport. We also have some great utility skills with Elemental Nova Icon Elemental Nova and Focus Icon Focus, perfect for helping us control the flow of battle. As enemies pile up around us, we can pull out the big guns with Meteor Icon Meteor, exploding them in a bombardment of fiery hell. You are truly the master of fire with our stats and passive trees pushing out as much fire damage as possible. Add any number of the uniques we have highlighted in this build and you will blitzing your way to level 70.

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Sorcerer Leveling Passive Trees

Class Passives Skill Passives
Mage Runemaster Sorcerer
Fireball Elemental Nova Teleport Meteor Focus

Mage Passive Tree

Mage Passive Tree

Mage is our base class to start this character off with. Our goal in this Passive Tree is to gain some critical stats for our fire skills as they will be our focus all the way to level 70. We start with Arcanist and Scholar boosting our primary stat Intelligence and our base Health and Mana. Next, we move into Mage Flurry for the increase in Cast Speed and bonus Teleport Icon Teleport Cooldown Recovery. Lastly, we take Knowledge of Destruction to boost our Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier.

Now that we've completed our the Passive Tree for Mage, we will be moving on to our Mastery Passive Trees. For this build specifically, we will be splitting our passive points into equal investment into Sorcerer and Runemaster Mastery Trees. These two trees are both filled with elemental bonuses for us to take advantage of, pushing our Fire Damage as high as it can go.


Runemaster Passive Tree

Runemaster Passive Tree

The Runemaster tree will be focusing on adding Ward to our build and gaining more Critical Strike stats for our spells. We begin with the defensive passive node Sphere of Protection, adding 1 point into Unsealed Mana to unlock the path to Arcane Focus for the Ward gain on spell cast. Next, we take points in Runeword: Cataclysm for the added Critical Strike Chance. Finally, we take all 8 points in Never Late boosting our next skill after using Teleport Icon Teleport.


Sorcerer Passive Tree

Sorcerer Passive Tree

We start with Arcane Momentum and Calculated Destruction gaining Cast Speed stacks and more Critical Strike Chance for each point of Intelligence we have invested in. Next, take Essence of Celerity granting us more benefits through Arcane Momentum. Now we can focus on the our Fire Damage with Pyromancer as we path towards Lavamancer. Lastly, we will be adding a single point into Whirling Snow to Slow any enemies that hit us.



Fireball Skill Tree

Fireball Icon Fireball is our spam skill providing a portion of our DPS, but lacks that heavy damage that Meteor Icon Meteor will do against large groups. With that in mind, we augment the skill with Winged Fire to start, then path directly to Seeker's Ash. This skill node makes our Fireballs seek out targets, allowing us to spam cast it without needing to aim for any enemies. Once we have that completed, we want to turn our attention to Flame Burst Icon Flame Burst and Volatile flames. These nodes will Fireball to explode once it hits a target several times in succession, a great addition for extra damage against Rares and Bosses.


Elemental Nova

Elemental Nova Skill Tree

This skill tree is broken into two main pathways, to the top and to the bottom. We want to start with the top skill node Arcana Elementorum to increase our Damage and skill radius. Next, we will path down and convert the skill into Fire Damage. We continue along the pathway adding more Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier with Melting Nova and Fiery Destruction.



Teleport Skill Tree

Start with Comet Rush for the increased Recovery Speed and bonus Haste buff when we use the skill. Next, we can add some additional damage by adding the skill node Elemental Affinity to buff our damage for 4 seconds after we use the skill. Continue down that pathway and pick up Elemental Dawn, Elemental Dusk and Elemental Midnight so we can trigger Elemental Nova whenever we use Teleport Icon Teleport. Lastly, we will add some utility with Unexpected Copy and Decoy Position which leave copies of our character to confuse the enemy.



Meteor Skill Tree

This is our main DPS skill for taking out large packs of enemies. We want to use the skill to completely deplete our Mana, going into the negative every time. This plays into our Focus Icon Focus skill to fill our Mana right back up. The first priority on our skill tree is the node Aftermath for the Mana cost recovery, helping us get our Mana back up quickly. Next, target the skill node Infernal Descent for the boost in damage. Now follow the pathway to Cycle of Fire and finish off the skill tree with Astral Cataclysm.



Focus Skill Tree

This build can be very Mana intensive; to solve some of that issue and add some healing as well, we have added Focus Icon Focus to the build. This channeling skill allows us to drop Meteor Icon Meteors until we go into negative Mana. There are three main pathways on this skill tree. The first pathway we take is the upper path to Null Profusion. This grants us a bonus when we use the skill while in negative Mana. Next, we take the middle path with Inner Growth for healing and lastly, the path towards Chilling Aura - slowing down any enemies that approach us while we are channeling the skill.

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Mechanics and Playstyle

This build has a very simple setup for the basic rotation. Teleport Icon Teleport to a position in the middle of several groups of mobs and start unleashing your Fireball Icon Fireballs pulling each group towards you. Once you have collected a ton of enemies, ready your Meteor Icon Meteor and wipe out the packs around you. If you need reset your position by moving or using Teleport Icon Teleport again, it should be recharge quick enough with the added points in its skill tree. Continue this pattern until you are depleted of mana then channel your Focus Icon Focus to charge up both your Health and Mana pools. Once you are refreshed, repeat the process again. It is quite simple and the build offers you a fair bit of escape if you need and on the spot healing if you get too low.


Gearing and Affixes

As for gearing, we will be targeting Fire based stats and some Health/Resistance for our caster. You should aim to upgrade your gear using a loot filter to highlight the gear you need with the right affixes. This game also carries a substantial crafting system where you will be able to augment pieces of gear you find with either strong affixes or craft new one you can add to an empty slot. There is a deeper look at the crafting system in the link below.

Attributes Offensive Defensive
Increased Fire Damage
Increased Spell Damage
Increased Cast Speed
Critical Strike Chance
Critical Strike Multiplier
Chance to Shred Fire Resistance on hit
Spell Damage Leeched as Health

Useful Uniques

As you go through the game we will come across many uniques, while the majority of low-level uniques should be set aside for leveling alts (Yay, for unlimited stash space), we will want to keep our eyes out for these specific items to assist with the build. While none of these have huge build changing affixes the majority of them are similar very good items you can scale easily with. One of themes you will see with these uniques is Movement speed, this affix accelerates gameplay even just from being able to go around faster the battlefield.

If you happen to come across the unique weapon Firestarter's Torch Icon Firestarter's Torch, this weapon will likely be your best option for a weapon until we find something we can craft with higher values in our 40s or 50s. Despite its level, this unique carries some great damage that scales quite well with our build.

As for some unique armor pieces to keep an eye out for, the Calamity Icon Calamity and Prism Wraps Icon Prism Wraps, both offer some nice boosts around Elemental Damage. These can really push our DPS up noticeably higher with Fireball Icon Fireball and Meteor Icon Meteor. Add in Legendary Potential and you have some great items to keep for alt characters.

Another great unique for this build, is the Gambler's Fallacy Icon Gambler's Fallacy. This amulet benefits all the Critical Strike Chance we have stack into this build. As for other jewelry to keep any eye out for, the unique ring Font of the Erased Icon Font of the Erased adds some great Ward gains as we spend our Mana, granting us a nice defensive layer from just casting our skills.

Next, this build operates best with Spell Leech items, you may come across are the unique gloves Avarice Icon Avarice and unique relic Tome of Elements Icon Tome of Elements, both offering Health Leech to us. Be on the look out, as both of these may literally save your life.

Lastly, we must talk about unique boots, particularly the Advent of the Erased Icon Advent of the Erased. These boots have a chance of granting Haste on us every time we kill an enemy, and our Meteor Icon Meteor will be killing a lot of enemies.

Despite the lower level of these uniques, they are quite valuable and can help push you that much faster to level 70. These can all be expanded into fantastic items if found with Legendary Potential for any future leveling needs. Good luck hunting and may your luck be high!



Idol slots are gained through the campaign, unlocking small bonuses and unique affixes for the player to discover and augment their builds with. The Idol screen consists of a grid system for the player to fill out with different sized idols, eventually filling in every part of the grid. As the Idol shape increases (1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, etc.) the stronger an affix you might find for your build.

The target Affixes we want to look for in our Idols are:

  • +% Health
  • + Health
  • Resistances

Progressing to Endgame

This build will carry you all the way to the start of the Monolith, where you will need to decide on an Endgame build to follow. We have several options available for Sorcerer.



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