Vendor Gambling in Last Epoch with Gold and Souls

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Last Epoch has gambling vendors, which let you buy, sell, and gamble items with different currency. You can use gambling to find, or improve your gear, or to try your luck for rare items. But gambling also has limits and risks, so you need to know how and when to use these vendors. In this guide, we will cover what vendor gambling is, which vendors you can gamble with, what gambling offers, and more.


What is Gambling?

In ARPGs like Last Epoch, gambling is a staple feature that adds a form of excitement and a touch of randomness to the game. It allows players to spend in-game currency, whether gold or special resources like Souls, to obtain items of varying value and attributes (affixes). The addition of gambling vendors keeps players engaged and provides another avenue for acquiring unique and powerful gear.

In Last Epoch, there are two types of gamblers: the Gold Gambler and the Soul Gambler, each offering distinct advantages depending on the players level and needs. Below, we will cover both vendors to help you navigate the world of gambling. But first, let us cover the biggest differences between both Gamblers at a glance:

Gold Gambler

  • Uses gold as currency for gambling.
  • Provides accesible gambling options throughout the game, especially early on.
  • Provides regular items, but no Set or Unique items.
  • The stock needs a manual refresh, costing gold each time.

Soul Gambler

  • Uses Souls as currency for gambling.
  • Located within the Soulfire Bastion dungeon, an endgame feature.
  • Offers the chance to obtain Unique and Set items.
  • Stock refreshes automatically after completing the dungeon, no manual refresh option.

Gold Gambler

The Gold Gambler, called Arthem the Gambler, can be found in various town hubs, like the Council Chambers and The End of Time. Here, players can use gold to gamble on weapons, armor, and accessories. When an item is bought, it gets a random number of affixes with randomized tiers after 3 seconds.

Gambling with gold can be useful at any level, because it is accessible to any player reaching the first town. However, it has some limitations and drawbacks:

  • Gambling with gold cannot reward any Set or Unique items.
  • It can be very expensive, especially for higher level items.
  • Item level of Items stop scaling with a character level beyond 40.
  • The gamblers stock is not infinite and has to be refreshed for additional gold, at a price of 500 gold per refresh. While long time players may find this very cheap, new players may be hard pressed to try their luck very much at first.

Because of these points, we recommend using the Gold Gambling vendor wisely and sparingly. To that end, here are some tips:

  • Focus on cheaper items (recommended is items up to 500 gold), as they have a higher chance of being profitable.
  • Gamble for items that suit your needs or are hard to find elsewhere, such as rings or amulets.
  • Sell or shatter unwanted items for gold or crafting materials.

Note: This gambler is really only useful while leveling. Once players have access to the dungeon called Soulfire Bastion, it is more profitable to gamble at the Soul Gambler.


Soul Gambler

The Soul Gambler is located within the Soulfire Bastion dungeon and provides better gambling results. To access this gambler, a Soulfire Bastion Key Icon Soulfire Bastion Key is required. The reason players can get better gear from the Soul Gambler is because it is possible to get Unique and Set items from this vendor. Additionally, the Soul Soul Gambler can also drop Tier V sealed affixes, which are not obtainable any other way.

It is not possible to exchange items for gold at this vendor. Instead, the Soul Gambler takes souls that have been gathered from doing the Soulfire Bastion dungeon. The amount of souls needed to gamble for an item depends on the item type and rarity.

The Soul Gamblers stock is also not infinite, but cannot be refreshed manually. Instead, it is refreshed every time the dungeon is completed. Once the dungeon boss has been defeated, the Soul Gambler will become available again. Furthermore, depending on what is done during the dungeon run, the Gambler will imbue some items with special properties or bonuses. These depend on the Dungeon Modifiers.


Dungeon Modifiers

High-tier dungeons all have modifiers that change daily. These modifiers can affect the difficulty and rewards of each dungeon, as well as the Soul Gamblers inventory. We strongly recommend always keeping a few keys in order to target-farm on days where there are specific modifiers.

When players progress inside the dungeon, they will reach different floor levels, separated by doors. Each of these doors will add another random modifier. All these modifiers will then affect the Soul Gamblers inventory in one of two ways:

  • The inventory size is increased, meaning more items are available to gamble for.
  • The item quality is improved, meaning higher chances of getting unique/set items or Tier V affixes.

The higher the dungeon tier, the better the modifiers. However, higher-tier dungeons also have higher entry requirements and harder enemies. Players have to balance their risk and reward when choosing which tier dungeon to run. For more information about the Soulfire bastion dungeon and detailed list of modifiers please head to the link below.

Addtionally, the Soul Gambler will have Unique items that are not obtainable elsewhere:

  • Burning Avarice: Unique Gloves
  • Ashes of Orchirian: Unique Relic
  • Soul Gamblers Fallacy: Unique Amulet

The dungeon can be run as many times as players want, as long as they have a Soulfire Bastion key. These keys can be dropped from arena champions, monoliths, bosses, shades on high corruption levels, or even random enemies.



Overall, the Soul Gambler is the best option for endgame gambling, and offers the highest rewards and the most variety. However, this way of gambling also requires more investment and effort from the player, as compared to the gold gambler.



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