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Weaver's Will is a new mechanic for Uniques that lets them become Legendaries by earning experience through killing enemies. Each item has a certain number of Weaver's Will points, which are used to upgrade the item's affixes randomly. Weaver's Will affixes are more likely to be rare and high-tier ones. In this guide, we will explain what Weaver's Will is, how it works and how to upgrade it, as well as its pros and cons.



Last Epoch is a game that lets players customize their character with various skills, passives, idols, and items. One of the most important aspects of the character is gear, which can make or break a build.

There are multiple types of items: Common, Magic, Rare, and Unique are the most basic ones, and on rare occasions, players can obtain Legendary, Set or Exalted items. In this guide, we will focus on Unique items.

Uniques have fixed effects that are exclusive to them, and they also possess special properties that cannot be found on other items. However, they also have some limitations: Uniques cannot be crafted or modified in any way. That is, until Beta Patch 0.9.1, where a new mechanic was introduced for some Uniques: Weaver's Will.

Weaver's Will is a special stat that allows some Uniques to gain additional affixes and become Legendary. It works differently from the existing Legendary Potential stat, which requires crafting materials and gold to upgrade.

In this guide, we will show you how to use Weaver's Will to make your Uniques into Legendaries, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of doing so.


What Is Weaver's Will, and How Does It Work?

Weaver's Will is a stat that appears on some Uniques instead of Legendary Potential. It has a number range from 5 to 28, which indicates how many times the item can be upgraded. Killing enemies while wearing a Weaver's Will Unique, will allow you to upgrade the item to a Legendary.

Unique items can also drop with Legendary Potential on them. You will never have both, Legendary Potential and Weaver's Will, on the same item. To transform a Unique item into a Legendary item, you can also use the Legendary Potential method, which is quite different from Weaver's Will. This method requires you to craft a Legendary item from a Unique item with Legendary Potential, using crafting materials and a similar exalted item (for example, you need an exalted Helmet to make a Legendary Helmet). Unique items with Legendary Potential are more common than Weaver's Will, but they also need more resources to become powerful Legendaries. So, the main difference between Legendary Potential and Weaver’s Will is the method of upgrading and the source of the affixes.

As mentioned above: To upgrade an item with Weaver's Will, you need to equip it on your character and kill enemies. As you gain experience, so will the item. When the item levels up, it will either add a new affix or increase the tier of an existing one. When you upgrade a Unique with Weaver's Will, it turns into a Legendary item.

Last Epoch Weaver's Will Example

The item can have up to four new affixes (two prefixes and two suffixes) and each affix can be leveled up to Tier 7. The affixes are chosen randomly from the pool of possible affixes for that item slot.

For example: Throwing Attack Speed is a prefix that can only roll on Gloves or Ring, so in order to have a chance to get this affix, you would need to upgrade either Gloves or a Ring with Weaver’s will, to get a chance to get Throwing Attack Speed. The item will stop upgrading when it runs out of Weaver’s Will or when it reaches the maximum number and tier of affixes.


How to Upgrade Affixes

Let's start with an example: Pants with 9 Weaver's Will have the ability to be upgraded 9 times. Each time the item levels up, it consumes 1 Weaver's Will, and randomly either adds 1 new affix, or upgrades the Tier of an existing affix on those pants. The item will stop leveling up if the Weaver's Will hits 0.

It's worth noting, that the affixes added by Weaver's Will are more likely to be rare ones.

Here are a few examples of affixes, that are among the rarest that can roll on items:

  • + Skeleton and Increased Skeleton Damage
  • Ward Gained on Kill
  • Added Javelin Lightning Throwing Damage
  • Added Minion Melee Crit Chance
  • Chance to Bleed If Wielding an Axe

Most of the rare rolls are class-specific affixes.


The Pros and Cons of Weaver’s Will

As previously mentioned, Weaver's Will is a new way to create powerful Legendaries in Last Epoch. However, next to some advantages, it also has a few disadvantages compared to Legendary Potential.

Some of the Pros of Weaver's Will are:

  • It's free. You don't need any crafting materials or gold to upgrade items.
  • It can create amazing items, as it is possible to get up to Tier 7 affixes and rare affixes that are hard to craft normally.
  • It can create Unique items, and generate combinations of affixes that are not possible with normal crafting or Legendary Potential.

Some of the Cons of Weaver's Will are:

  • It's random. No control over what affixes an item gets or what tier it will be, so you may end up with useless or low tier affixes for your build.
  • It's permanent. You cannot undo or change any upgrades made by Weaver's Will. Once you equip an item with Weaver's Will, you are stuck with it.
  • It's limited. Not every Unique can have Weaver's Will. Only a few Uniques can drop with Weaver's Will, and they cannot drop with Legendary Potential, as it takes the same slot.
  • It's rare. Uniques with Weaver's Will are ahrder to find than Uniques with Legendary Potential.

How to Use Weaver's Will Effectively?

Weaver's Will is a mechanic that requires some luck and patience to use effectively. Here are some tips on how to make to most out of it:

  • Choose items wisely. Before you equip an item with Weaver's Will, make sure you like its base effects and that it suits your current build. Do not waste time upgrading an item that will be replaced fast.
  • Check the roll range. The higher the Weaver's Will number, the greater the item's potential. Try to find items with high rolls, preferably 20 or above, as they will guarantee at least four affixes with decent tiers.
  • Be prepared for surprises. It is impossible to know what affixes will roll or what tier they will be. You might get lucky and find affixes that boost your build, or you might get unlucky and find affixes that ruin the item. So be ready to adjust your build or items as needed.
  • Have fun. Weaver’s Will is a mechanic that adds more variety and excitement to the item system in Last Epoch. So try not to take it too seriously or get frustrated by it, and enjoy the process of upgrading items, as well as discovering new possibilities for builds.


Weaver's Will is a new mechanic for Uniques that allows them to become Legendaries in a different way than Legendary Potential. It has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it may appeal to different types of players.

  • If you like gambling and experimenting with different affixes, you may have fun using Weaver's Will items.
  • If you like planning and optimizing your gear, then you may prefer using Legendary Potential items.

Either way, Weaver's Will adds more diversity and fun to the item system in Last Epoch, and we can't wait to see what other features will find their way into the game in the future!



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