Knights of the Ebon Blade Reputation and Rewards Guide

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The Knights of the Ebon Blade is an Icecrown-based faction in WotLK, revolving around Death Knights. Most of the Reputation with them is obtained by killing a multitude of enemies in various Dungeons with their tabard equipped.

The Knights of the Ebon Blade offer a variety of powerful pre-raid items and has unique profession patterns.



The Knights of the Ebon Blade is a faction of Death Knights primarily located in the Icecrown zone in Northrend. While the Knights of the Ebon Blade welcomes members of any race, they are one of the few truly neutral factions in the World of Warcraft.

Icecrown is the primary hub of the Knights of the Ebon Blade located in the northwestern-most corner of the Northrend continent

The Knights of the Ebon Blade offer many useful reputation rewards, such as:


Gaining Reputation

There are several quests scattered throughout Northrend that will grant you Reputation with The Knights of the Ebon Blade but the vast majority of your rep will come from doing Dungeons with the Tabard of the Ebon Blade Icon Tabard of the Ebon Blade equipped — killing mobs inside of Heroic dungeons with the tabard equipped grants a small amount of reputation for each kill and more for bosses. Kills against elites inside of the dungeons will grant between 9 and 23 reputation depending on the mob type. You will receive enough reputation to reach Friendly by just doing the introduction quests to Icecrown and Friendly is required to purchase the tabard.

Knights of the Ebon Blade Tabard appearance

Reputation Rewards

Duchess Mynx is the quartermaster for the Knights of the Ebon Blade; they can be found just inside of the Shadow Vault which is located in northern Icecrown.

Reputation Item Cost
Friendly Tabard of the Ebon Blade Icon Tabard of the Ebon Blade 1 Gold
Friendly Design: Deadly Huge Citrine Icon Design: Deadly Huge Citrine 2 Gold
Honored Dark Soldier Cape Icon Dark Soldier Cape 26 Gold
Honored Toxin-Tempered Sabatons Icon Toxin-Tempered Sabatons 65 Gold
Honored Arcanum of Toxic Warding Icon Arcanum of Toxic Warding 150 Gold
Honored Unholy Persuader Icon Unholy Persuader 32 Gold
Honored Pattern: Nerubian Reinforced Quiver Icon Pattern: Nerubian Reinforced Quiver 20 Gold
Revered Runeblade of Demonstrable Power Icon Runeblade of Demonstrable Power 93 Gold
Revered Arcanum of Torment Icon Arcanum of Torment 150 Gold
Revered Spaulders of the Black Arrow Icon Spaulders of the Black Arrow 37 Gold
Revered Wound-Binder's Wristguards Icon Wound-Binder's Wristguards 27 Gold
Revered Reaper of Dark Souls Icon Reaper of Dark Souls 75 Gold
Exalted Pattern: Abyssal Bag Icon Pattern: Abyssal Bag 5 Gold
Exalted Design: Glowing Twilight Opal Icon Design: Glowing Twilight Opal 4 Gold
Exalted Darkheart Chestguard Icon Darkheart Chestguard 40 Gold
Exalted Belt of Dark Mending Icon Belt of Dark Mending 26 Gold
Exalted Kilt of Dark Mercy Icon Kilt of Dark Mercy 59 Gold
Exalted Death-Inured Sabatons Icon Death-Inured Sabatons 46 Gold


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