Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) Hollow Zero Resonia Guide

Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) Hollow Zero Resonia Guide

This is the Resonia page for Hollow Zero Core Mechanics guide in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)! Including information such as the types of Resonium, how to obtain Resonium and a list of all the available Resonia in Zenless Zone Zero.

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Hollow Zero Resonium Explained

This section outlines the basic information for Gear Coins, Pressure, Corruption, and Resonium. More information on Hollow Zero gameplay can be found on the following:

Resonia, or Resonium, are Hollow Zero-exclusive items that provide passive combat, squad, and Bangboo benefits. Players can obtain Resonium through Resonium-related monitors, such as the Shop Monitor, Resonium Monitor, Strange Monitor, or Item Monitor. They can also obtain Resonium through catalyzing or fusing.

The currently known types of Resonium are:

  • Research: Provides DMG bonuses.
  • Energy: Provides Energy-related bonuses.
  • Critical: Provides CRIT and CRIT DMG bonuses.
  • Assist: Provides Assist-related bonuses.
  • Artifice: Provides an adverse bonus until Reconstructed. After the Resonium reconstructs, it will provide a beneficial bonus instead.
  • Duel: Provides Chain or Debuff-related bonuses.
  • Dodge: Provides Dodge-related bonuses.
  • Bangboo: Provides Bangboo-related bonuses. Also known as Synergy.
  • Hollow: Provides item-related bonuses.
  • General: Provides general-use bonuses, such as for the whole squad.

Each Resonium has its own Grade Rank, ranging from B-Rank to S-Rank. There are also Resonium effects not listed above, such as Corruption (obtained through Risky Transactions), or Damage Attributes (like Electric or Physical). Corruption ones will provide a Corruption stack upon receiving the Resonia.


How do you Obtain Resonium?

Players can obtain Resonium through Purchase, Catalyze, and Fusion. Players may also obtain Resonium through specific Event Scenarios. Any new Resonia obtained will be recorded to your overall Resonium collection of badges.

Purchase Resonium:
During Hollow Zero gameplay, players can purchase and catalyze Resonium in Shop Monitors. Purchasing new Resonium will add the badge to your current session.

When Players want to catalyze their Resonia, they can choose from several options:

  • Common Catalyst only catalyzes B-Rank Resonium
  • Active Catalyst only catalyzes A-Rank Resonium
  • Volatile Catalyst only catalyzes S-Rank Resonium

Fuse Resonium: When Players collect 4 or 8 Resonia of the same type, they have the opportunity to fuse the Resonia together. Upon fusion, it creates a stronger Resonium effect to use during the Challenge.

More details about Resonium will be provided on release.


Resonia List



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