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wow WoW: Apexis Crystal Bonus Event (13th-18th January)

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Gather up your strength: it is time to grind some Apexis Crystals!


For this week's event, Apexis Crystals will drop more often from eligible creatures across Draenor. Most veteran players may find this event disappointing, but Apexis Crystals still have some enticing uses. Specifically:

  • You can buy Baleful gear for your main or for your alts that can be upgraded up to ilvl 695.
  • You can get a bunch of mounts and battle pets, as well as a toy that transforms you to an uncorrupted Arakkoa.
  • You can purchase bonus rolls to enhance your chances of getting the loot you need in Hellfire Citadel.
  • Horde characters can purchase some cosmetic helms.

Don't forget to pick up the The Time to Strike weekly quest from your Garrison. It requires you to complete 5 Apexis objectives and it awards 5000 Apexis Crystals, 1500 Oil, 1000 Garrison Resources and 500 Valor.


Let's break down where you can find these Apexis objectives and - more importantly - which are the most interesting rewards you can get with Apexis Crystals.



Apexis Crystals Objectives


Every day, you get a Garrison Campaign daily quest from your Garrison. This quest sends you to an area, which will award Apexis Crystals once the objective in said area is completed. You can get this quest at the small command table in your Garrison Hall; Shadow Hunter Ukambe for Horde or Scout Valdez for Alliance will be standing by this table. You can also buy the Scouting Missives for these objectives with Garrison Resources from your respective Garrison Quartermaster NPC.


The most efficient way to complete 3 or 4 out of the 5 total Apexis objectives at once for your weekly quest is doing the Tanaan Jungle dailies. We have a comprehensive guide about them, which you can read by clicking here.


By completing both the Garrison Campaign daily and the required Tanaan Jungle dailies, you can theoretically finish the weekly quest in a single day.



Things you can buy with Apexis Crystals


1. Gear


You can buy Baleful gear tokens from Ravenspeaker Thelnaas in Tanaan Jungle. Armor costs 5000 Apexis Crystals and weapons cost 10000 Apexis Crystals. You can also buy an Empowered Apexis Fragment for 20000 Apexis Crystals from the same vendor to upgrade your Baleful gear to ilvl 695 (705 with Valor Item Upgrades).


2. Mounts



The Corrupted Dreadwing mount, the only flying mount you can get with Apexis Crystals


The following mounts cost 5000 Apexis Crystals and 5000 Gold, and they require Exalted reputation with their respective factions. We have provided links to our guides for these factions.

The sole flying mount you can get is Reins of the Corrupted Dreadwing. It is sold by Dawn-Seeker Krisek in Tanaan Jungle and costs 150000 Apexis Crystals. It is available to both factions and it requires Friendly reputation with the Order of the Awakened.


Lastly, you can buy Mosshide Riverwallow from Dawn-Seeker Krek for Alliance or Dawn-Seeker Alkset for Horde. It requires no reputation, but it costs 5000 Apexis Crystals and 50000 Gold.


3. Pets



The Blazing Firehawk pet


The following pets require 2000 Apexis Crystals, 1000 Gold and Revered reputation with their respective faction.

A last pet that is available to both factions is Blazing Firehawk. It costs 2000 Apexis Crystals and it requires Exalted reputation with Order of the Awakened.


4. Other



One of the Arakkoa transformations from Rukhmar's Sacred Memory


The only Toy you can get with Apexis Crystals is Rukhmar's Sacred Memory. It costs 50000 Apexis Crystals and requires Revered with Ordered of the Awakened. It gives a pretty cool Arakkoa disguise.


One of the most useful things you can purchase with Apexis Crystals is Seal of Inevitable Fate. They are sold in Ashran by Fate-Twister Seress for Alliance and Fate-Twister Tiklal for Horde. You can get 3 Seals per week with an increasing cost (500, 1000 and 2000 Apexis Crystals).


Lastly, Horde characters only can buy several helms for Transmogrification purposes. Bloody Visage of the Laughing Skull, Frozen Visage of the Laughing Skull and Visage of the Laughing Skull  can be bought for 1000 Apexis Crystals and 1000 Gold, and they require Revered reputation with the Laughing Skull Orcs. At Exalted with the same faction, you can get Golden Visage of the Laughing Skull for 1000 Apexis Crystals and 5000 Gold.



You can read an old, but still useful guide on Apexis Crystals in our forums. Last but not least, you should prepare for the weekly events to come by reading our January survival guide!

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      Blizzard still hasn't resolved their issues with reward distribution for PvP Season 1. Initially, Starym wrote about how rewards needed to be re-evaluated and now we got an update about what actually happened and why there were delays.
      Each season, we reward titles to the players at the top of the 3v3 and RBG ladders based on the number of players we consider active in the bracket. For the last few seasons, we have only considered players active if they have a rating above 1000. For Legion Season 1, we made the mistake of also requiring players to have 50 wins to be considered. As a result, far fewer players were considered active than intended. Since rewards are a percentage of this set of people, we ended up giving out too few rewards, which in turn meant that many players received a lower-tier reward than they should have.

      Fortunately, we have a plan in place that will allow us to fix the issue and grant rewards based on criteria we've used in previous seasons. Within the next few weeks, we will re-evaluate the ladder from Season 1 and redistribute rewards. When this occurs, you will either receive the same reward you have currently, or, in some cases, a higher-tier reward.
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      Hi! CatBus Raiding Academy. @Arthas-US 
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      -4 Nights Trial Period
      Loot rules:
      EPGP is used to distribute loot in our raid, loot rules will be explained fully upon applying, the aim is to distribute loot fairly and accurately.
      You can find our logs at:
      You can apply here:
      Mythic/Mythic+ legion dungeon logs will be strongly recommended and some applicants may be requested to run a mythic dungeon with us.
      You can contact us @ alwaysmiddle#1413 (Main Recruiter) or soulonfire#1849 (Recruiter) for any questions.