Tanaan Jungle Daily Quests Guide (WoD 6.2)

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This guide is meant to help you do your daily quests efficiently in Tanaan, offering tips to speed up the process. If you want a broader guide for the zone, with achievements, rare mobs, toys, etc., we advise you to read the guide over at Wowhead.



Every day, you can complete 5 daily quests in Tanaan. They are all given at the same place: Lion's Watch for Alliance players or Vol'mar for Horde players.

At first, you are given 3 quests:

When you come back to turn in the daily quest from the Tanaan Planning Map, 2 more quests are offered to you by Alliance Icon Vindicator Krethos or Horde Icon Shadow Hunter Denjai.


Tanaan Planning Map Daily Quest

The Tanaan Planning Map daily quest always rewards Apexis Crystals Icon Apexis Crystals and Oil Icon Oil and is reminiscent of the Apexis Crystal daily quest at your Garrison, just that it takes place in Tanaan. The possible quests are listed in the table below and you always have the choice between two of them.

Quest Rewards


The Iron Front and Ruins of Kra'nak quests are the easiest, so prioritise them. They also have the advantage of making it easier to complete Unseen Influence, one of the other daily quests in Tanaan (see below).

The Temple of Kil'jaeden quest is long, even with a proper group, and we advise you to avoid it, unless you really need the extra Oil and Apexis Crystals it gives.

Other than there, here are a few tips for each quest.

  • For the Iron Front, healing allied NPC (you need to loot the crates of bandages for that) rewards 4%, burning the banners 4%, and stealing the maps 5%. We advise you to focus on these objectives to quickly complete the quest. Note that there is plenty of food lying around that you can click to quickly regenerate health.
  • For the Ruins of Kra'nak, we advise you to head towards to northeastern part of the area. There, you will find elite mobs that are not that much more powerful than the regular mobs in the area, but give respectively 5% for the Arakkoa-like ones and 7% for the constructs. You will also find deactivated constructs that you can click for 9%.
  • In the Temple of Sha'naar, we advise you to go to the top right away and aim for the Eredar Chaosborn (+6%) and the orb they guard (+5%).
  • In Zel'Goth, for the Bleeding Hollow quest, there is a sort of overlook in the northeastern part. There, you have a number of Cabalists next to their ritual orb. Killing the Cabalist (who has a low health) and then clicking his orb grants 4%.
  • In the Ironhold Harbor, try destroying crates (+5%) and the siege engines (+5%) by using the bombs you can loot from around the harbor.
  • In the Fel Forge, there are Forge Engineers that carry crates around. They drop them when attacked and you can destroy them for +5%. There are also leaflets on many of the scaffolding structures that you can destroy for +2% or +3%.
  • In the Throne of Kil'jaeden, there is not much advice we can give, except to get a 5-man group to make things much easier.

Unseen Influence

Unseen Influence is a quest given by Dawn-Seeker Krisek every day to increase your reputation with Order of the Awakened by 1,500. It requires you to gather 10 Fel-Corrupted Apexis Fragment Icon Fel-Corrupted Apexis Fragments. These can be acquired solely in Tanaan from Rare and Elite mobs, or from treasures. By far, the easiest way is to loot these fragments from treasures. This becomes easier once you reach honored reputation with the Alliance Icon Hand of the Prophet or Horde Icon Vol'jin's Headhunters and you can buy Alliance Icon Treasure Map: Tanaan Jungle Icon Treasure Map: Tanaan Jungle or Horde Icon Treasure Map: Tanaan Jungle Icon Treasure Map: Tanaan Jungle.

It is also worth noting that there are many unmarked treasure chest, Partially Mined Apexis Crystals, and Radiating Apexis Shards, which you can found around map objectives and that can contain up to 3 Fel-Corrupted Apexis Fragment Icon Fel-Corrupted Apexis Fragments. In our experience, the Iron Front and the Ruins of Kra'nak are the places with the most containers.


Parvink / Nimi Brightcastle

Alliance Icon Parvink and Horde Icon Nimi Brightcastle offer you one quest every day, from the following pool.

Quest Rewards


To easily do Demonslayer of Tanaan, we advise you to look just northwest of Vol'mar, where you can find 6 packs of 3 imps that have low health. On your way up to the Throne of Kil'jaeden, you can find another 2 packs of 5 similar mobs, which are very easy to clear. It is better to try and focus on these mobs than go to Sha'naar for Pressing the Attack (see next section) and complete the objective, hoping to get enough demon kills.

For Secrets of the Shadow Council, we advise you to choose the Ruins of Kra'nak quest from the Tanaan Planning Map, if present, or to do the Ruins of Kra'nak for Pressing the Attack.

For Tooth and Claw, we recommend the swamp area south of Hellfire Citadel.


Follow-up Daily Quests

When you come back to Lion's Watch or Vol'mar to turn in the Tanaan Planning Map daily quest, you will be offered two additional quests by Alliance Icon Vindicator Krethos and Horde Icon Shadow Hunter Denjai. One of them is always Pressing the Attack, which requires to complete two map objectives in Tanaan other than the one you complete for the Tanaan Planning Map daily quest.

Below, we list all of the follow-up quests.

Quest Rewards


The map objectives you will choose for Pressing the Attack depend on the other quest as well as the map objective you have already completed for the Tanaan Planning Map.

For example, if you get Disarming Sha'naar, you will want to complete the Temple of Sha'naar map objective for Pressing the Attack. If you have already completed the Temple of Sha'naar map objective, then just run in for the quest and leave as soon as you are done.


Zone Buff

After establishing Lion's Watch (Alliance) or Vol'mar (Horde), you will receive a quest named Bring the Reinforcements from Angar Steelbellow (Alliance) or Fraggs (Horde). To complete this quest, you need to choose your zone buff for Tanaan. You have the choice between:

During our testing, we took Guardian Orb, because it works great for quickly killing large packs of mobs. Champion's Honor is a good alternative if you need something to tank Elite mobs for you.

At any time, you can talk again to Angar Steelbellow or Fraggs to switch to a different buff.



  • 24 Jun. 2015: The zone buffs available depend on the Outpost you have in Talador and Gorgrind.
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