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wow The Month Ahead in World of Warcraft: January

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The new year is here and with it comes a brand new month of events for our adventurers in Azeroth. Make sure you're up-to-date with what's happening over the next 30 days!


Our first event, the Pet Battle Bonus Event, is carrying over from December and is due to end on 4th January. Make sure you visit our post about the event and make the most of what is left!


Weekly Bonus Events in January 


6th - 11th January: The first of the Timewalking events will be throwing us back into the icy reaches of Northrend!


13th - 18th January: Are you still missing those few Apexis Crystals for the mount? Don't worry, the Apexis Crystal Bonus Event is returning.


20th - 25th January: Dust off your PvP gear and get ready to battle, the Arena Skirmishes Bonus Event is back!


27th January - 1st February: Still feeling cold after that visit to Northrend? Not a problem, it's time to venture into the fiery grasp of Cataclysm Timewalking!




Darkmoon Faire


As with every month, the first week marks the return of the Darkmoon Faire! It will be running from 3rd - 9th January, so make sure you visit the tents for fun, games and achievements! 


You can always check out our guide for the Darkmoon Faire here.


Stranglethorn Fishing Competition


Unfortunately, in January there are no major world events, with Winter Veil ending and Lunar Festival starting next month. Why not spend your time trying out the fishing competition operating out of Booty Bay!


This competition can get pretty competitive, but it's definitely worth trying if you are interested in some of the prizes available:


1st Place: Can choose between a variety of "fishing" items, such as inv_fishingpole_01.jpgArcanite Fishing Poletrade_fishing.jpgHook of the Master Anglerinv_boots_cloth_21.jpgBoots of the Bay and inv_fabric_mageweave_02.jpgHigh Test Eternium Fishing Line. If you'd prefer a non-fishing related prize, you can also grab an heirloom ring for your alts, inv_jewelry_ring_39.jpgDread Pirate Ring.


2nd Place: You can choose from either the inv_boots_cloth_21.jpgBoots of the Bay or inv_jewelry_ring_39.jpgDread Pirate Ring.


3rd Place: No choice here unfortunately, you will just get inv_fabric_mageweave_02.jpgHigh Test Eternium Fishing Line.


If you are setting out for the first time to compete, here are some of our tips for getting yourself placed in the top 3:

  • Your inv_misc_rune_01.jpgHearthstone is your friend. Make sure it is set at Booty Bay for a quick return.
  • Make sure you have the inv_misc_fish_02.jpgFind Fish ability ready.
  • The competition is similar to camping a rare mount. Be polite and avoid other players.
  • Make sure you have some inv_potion_166.jpgElixir of Water Walking, unless you are a Death Knight or Shaman.
  • Ignore the general chat channels. People will attempt to mess with you by inflating their numbers of fish caught. Just because they say they have 15 fish doesn't mean they do.
  • Make sure you know which reward you want! Don't waste time thinking about it at the end.

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