Steamwheedle Preservation Society Turn-Ins and Reputation Farming Guide (WoD 6.2)

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The Steamwheedle Preservation Society is one of two Neutral factions introduced in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Their main area of operation is Nagrand.

Reputation with the Steamwheedle Preservation Society, from Neutral all the way to Exalted, is gained either through turning in certain relics that are looted from caches, or through turning in items obtained from killing elite mobs.

In this guide, we will present you the rewards you can obtain from this faction, as well as precisely how to obtain reputation.



All Steamwheedle Preservation Society rewards are purchased from the faction's Quartermasters: Gazrix Gearlock, who is located in Stormshield, for Alliance players, and Mimi Wizzlebub, who is located in Warspear, for Horde players. Among them, a mount and a Garrison follower will probably be of most interest.

In addition to these many items, reaching Exalted also rewards you with the Steamwheedle Perservation Society Icon Steamwheedle Perservation Society achievement and the Conservationist title.

Below, we present you all of the rewards that can be obtained from the Steamwheedle Preservation Society, sorted by reputation level.



Once you reach Friendly status, you can purchase Steamwheedle Elixir Icon Steamwheedle Elixir from your faction's Quartermaster for 1 Apexis Crystals Icon and 5 Gold. This is an Elixir that grants you a 30-minute buff. The buff gives your attacks a chance to deal Fire damage, and increases your movement speed by 5%. It can only be used in Nagrand.



Once you reach Honored status, you can purchase two items from your faction's Quartermaster.

  • Goblin Hot Potato Icon Goblin Hot Potato is a fun item that you can throw to a friendly player, if they have room in their bags to receive it. It costs 5 Gold.
  • Portable Goon Squad Icon Portable Goon Squad is a trinket that gives your attacks a chance to summon a mob called The Thumper to fight by your side for 12 seconds. It costs 500 Gold.


Once you reach Revered status, you can purchase 3 rewards from your faction's Quartermaster.

  • Captured Forest Sproutling Icon Captured Forest Sproutling is a battle pet that costs 2,000 Apexis Crystals Icon and 1,000 Gold.
  • Indentured Albino River Calf Icon Indentured Albino River Calf is a battle pet that costs 2,000 Apexis Crystals Icon and 1,000 Gold.
  • Contract: Professor Felblast Icon Contract: Professor Felblast costs 5,000 Gold. This grants you the Garrison Follower Professor Felblast, a level 100 Warlock.


Once you reach Exalted status, you can purchase two rewards from your faction's Quartermaster.

  • The Domesticated Razorback Icon Domesticated Razorback mount can be purchased for 5,000 Apexis Crystals Icon and 5,000 Gold.
  • The Steamwheedle Preservation Society Tabard Icon Steamwheedle "Preservation" Society Tabard can be purchased for 100 Gold. The tabard only serves cosmetic purposes.

Gaining Reputation

Unlike with most factions in Warlords of Draenor, you will not gain reputation with the Steamwheedle Preservation Society through normal questing in Draenor zones, or through farming mobs in specific zones.

There are only two ways to gain reputation with this faction.

  • Turning in various relics that you loot from caches located throughout Nagrand rewards 250 and 350 reputation respectively.
  • Turning in items that drop from elite mobs in Nagrand rewards 500 reputation.

Both of these turn-in methods are repeatable, and all these items are Bound to Account.



Throughout the north-western part of Nagrand, you will find caches called Highmaul Reliquaries, located on the ground. Each reliquary contains between 2 and 10 Gorian Artifact Fragment Icon Gorian Artifact Fragments, or a Highmaul Relic Icon Highmaul Relic. These relics form the object of two repeatable turn-in quests that reward you with reputation. You can turn them in at to Sallee Silverclamp, who is located in the Ruins of Na'gwa, in central Nagrand (just north-west of Lok-rath).

  • Fragments of the Past allows you to turn in 20 Gorian Artifact Fragments for 250 reputation.
  • A Rare Find allows you to turn in one Highmaul Relic for 350 reputation.

It is worth noting that the Garrison mission Errand for the SPS also rewards a Highmaul Relic, but this is not a reliable means of gaining reputation, given the rarity of the mission.


Elite Mobs

There are 9 Elite mobs that spawn in Nagrand, which, when killed, drop a specific quest-starting item that can be turned in for 500 Steamwheedle Preservation Society reputation. These elites also have a chance to drop some Gorian Artifact Fragments.

  • Aogexon;
  • Bergruu;
  • Dekorhan;
  • Direhoof;
  • Gagrog the Brutal;
  • Mu'gra;
  • Thek'talon;
  • Xelganak;
  • Vileclaw.


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