When (if ever) is Potion of Prolonged Power the best potion to use?

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My main three classes are:

BM Hunter

Prot Paladin

Disc Priest

Is the Potion of Prolonged Power (increases all stats by 2,500 for 1 minute) better than Deadly Grace?

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You'd typically use Prolonged on AOE trash
Deadly grace on bosses (for your ranged classes btw)

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    • By maviebris
      So I was fortunate enough to get mantle of command last night, and ran some quick sims. Based on my sims, it would seem that crit has over taken haste in the stat priority when using mantle of command. So stat priority is as follows:
      agi > mast > crit > haste > vers
      I haven't calculated weights, but the difference in simulations was significant. I'll leave the weight calculating to others. The idea is that with mantle of command and the changing function of dire beast, it is more advantageous to get more dire beasts from crit, than reducing the CD through haste. Maybe someone else can confirm this also.
    • By iLoveNny
      I have a lvl 104 MM hunter currently, with 7.1.5 I have heard BM is more viable. Should I A) switch my spec now for leveling B) keep MM for leveling but dump AP into BM artifact. 
      If "A" what should my basic build look like?
      THanks for the help!
    • By Nyancoil
      Hello all,
      So, first off, I've decided to bring my hunter out of retirement and have begun the (not so horrid) grind. I've reached the point in Legion where I have both my BM and MM artifacts and I've messed around the current "best" talent choices and rotations to try and see how they play out.
      I'm in the early stages of Legion levelling (currently 103) but I have mained a Death Knight since just after Legion started and wanted a nice old school rDPS alternative for when the raids call for it. I've messed around with both specs *briefly* (and naturally as I level I'll get a better feel for them both) and I can't really decide which route I'd prefer to go down and with the incoming changes to BM (buffs all around it seems) and nerfs to some aspects of MM I'd really like to gather the opinions of other people to help me decide which route is best for me.
      Things I've noticed so far:
      1. Focus regen is an issue in BM and too a lesser extent in MM, I constantly find myself out of focus for up to 1-2 seconds, so I'm stood AAing - is this normal? A product of low, under-geared, lack of haste?
      2. Sidewinders feels HORRIBLE to use. I'm all for using what is best for that DPS race, but this talent just feel so poor to use. It might be a product of the way I play my Frost DK, but I like having filler spells, and the loss and or Arcane and Multi shot spam just hurts my gameplay feel.
      3. Did I mention Sidewinders feels horrible? The fact it pulls everything unless I'm hugging my target in melee range really doesn't make sense to me either. Why is this the mechanic?
      4. From a round of log reading I've seen that both BM and MM (as of 7.1.0) perform better in various fights and in various ways -- But my guild mates tell me otherwise. This could be a lack of them personally playing either spec, but just something I wanted to query what people think, although I guess with the changes coming it isn't as relevant now.
      For anyone that can give me any advice on which way to go it would be very appreciated, I'd love to get back into Hunter, I just really can't decide which spec will suit me best in playstyle and raiding! (Also, I'm torn on a class fantasy level because Windrunner bow vs 2 pets!)
      Thanks for taking the time to read (and reply!)
    • By Keszey
      Hi, this is my toon
      my shoulders are actually 870. I am just way underperforming for my ilvl and artifact level.
      here are some logs, thank you.
    • By Granei
      Hi Guys,
      I need some help by increasing my Single Target DPS as BM.
      Status Quo:
      My Ilvl is at nearly 880, my gear and talents did I simulate with askmrrobot. agi>mastery>haste>crit>versality and ~10 ilvl >  secondarystats 15-20> primarystats. You can take a closer look at wowprogress:
      Reach today lvl 35 :) 
      ilvl 902 (take a look at wowprogrss)
      My stats:
      27% crit
      17% hast + trinket
      73% mastery (has been higher but I got ilvl upgrades which have been ways too good)
      My legendaries are Roar and Call.
      As talents I choosed only Way of the Cobra instead of Direbeast, because i got (depending on procs) >1,7 Direbeasts active which means a boost of ~30% on CS. Also I got aspect of the wild every 2nd Bestial wrath, so I can abandon the focus regeneration.
      Bestial Wrath , Direbeast(kept always on CD, if Bestial Wrath CD> ~5sec), KC , Murder of Crowds, Titansthunder, aspect of the wild, KC, CS, KC, CS....
      between Bestial Wraths I do only cast KC, Direbeast and CS if focus>90. If there are more then 2 other targets(during bossfight) I cast a few multipleshots with a delay of ~4 secs.
      Please tell me your suggestions to increase my DPS.