When (if ever) is Potion of Prolonged Power the best potion to use?

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My main three classes are:

BM Hunter

Prot Paladin

Disc Priest

Is the Potion of Prolonged Power (increases all stats by 2,500 for 1 minute) better than Deadly Grace?

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You'd typically use Prolonged on AOE trash
Deadly grace on bosses (for your ranged classes btw)

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    • By Celestrial
      From what I've seen on stat weights, crit has almost caught up with haste in 7.1.5. Would it be close to viable to go Mastery, Crit, Haste if you get One with the Pack? In possible theory that would mean more dire beast which helps focus, stomp dmg, and crit damage, I'd just imagine it would take a lot of crit to make it close to viable.
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       Is this how you do it?
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      Hello there. I'm looking to see if there is anybody that can give me some advice/help on the two BM hunters in my guild. Both of their damage is pretty low on all fights so I feel like they are both either doing their rotation poorly, or that the actual spec may be in a bad spot at the moment. It may very well also be their gear, but I have no knowledge on how hunters play so any advice you can give me to pass along would be greatly appreciated. 
      Quickhit also has sephus ring, but doesn't actually use it because he said it's bad for hunters. Any information on that would be greatly appreciated as well. 
      I thank you guys for any information you may be able to share, as the last thing we want to do is leave somebody out of progression so I'm hoping I can pass along any information that may help them improve.
    • By Sephillun
      I have a quick question on how the 2pc bonus works for the BM hunter.  It states that all currently summoned dire beasts gain 50% damage for 15 seconds.  My question is, does this also affect any dire beasts that are summoned while bestial wrath is active?  If not, the 15 second duration seems fairly pointless as each dire beast is only active for 8 seconds.  Is it 15 seconds on the off chance you have two dire beasts up?  That still wouldn't make much sense, as a 10 second buff would seem to be plenty for that.
      I just got my second tier piece earlier tonight, so I haven't used it in a raid setting yet.  Let me know what ya'll know!
    • By maviebris
      So I was fortunate enough to get mantle of command last night, and ran some quick sims. Based on my sims, it would seem that crit has over taken haste in the stat priority when using mantle of command. So stat priority is as follows:
      agi > mast > crit > haste > vers
      I haven't calculated weights, but the difference in simulations was significant. I'll leave the weight calculating to others. The idea is that with mantle of command and the changing function of dire beast, it is more advantageous to get more dire beasts from crit, than reducing the CD through haste. Maybe someone else can confirm this also.