Protection Warrior Tank Statistics Priority (WoD 6.1)

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General Information

On this page, we explain what the best statistics are for Protection Warriors in World of Warcraft WoD 6.1, how the class benefits from each of them.

The statistics priority is important as it influences itemisation choices (gear, enchants, and gems).

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About Our Reviewer

This guide has been reviewed and approved by Trybex, one of the best Protection Warriors in the world, who raids in Brotherhood of the Wolves.

1. Basics↑top

The recommended stat priority for Protection Warriors is as follows:

  1. Bonus Armor;
  2. Mastery;
  3. Critical Strike = Versatility;
  4. Haste;
  5. Multistrike.

Note that Haste and Multistrike are of extremely low value, compared to the other stats.

These statistics have been obtained by combining common sense, in-game testing, and simulations using Simulation Craft.

If you are unsure how to conform your gear to the above priority, you can Ask Mr. Robot for a personalised optimisation of your character's gear, by filling the form below.

2. Getting a Better Understanding↑top

Bonus Armor improves Physical damage reduction, and increases attack power.

Bonus Armor provides the best physical damage mitigation per stat budget.

Mastery is an important statistic for a Protection Warrior. Through Mastery: Critical Block Icon Mastery: Critical Block, it provides you with increased chance to block and increased chance to critically block.

Critical Strike provides additional avoidance due to increased parry chance (thanks to Riposte Icon Riposte), as well as additional Rage generation due to triggering Enrage Icon Enrage.

Versatility provides mitigation (Shield Barrier Icon Shield Barrier) and DPS/threat generation.

Haste reduces your global cooldown and the cooldowns of your abilities, which will result in increased Rage generation.

Stamina is the worst stat in terms of mitigation, and it will often simply stress your healers rather than increase your tanking potential. You should only consider Stamina when you require a bigger health pool in order to avoid one-shots and give your healers some room for error.

Multistrike causes abilities to have an increased chance to hit/heal a second and a third time, each time dealing 30% of the initial damage/heal. Thanks to Blood Craze Icon Blood Craze, your multistrikes from auto attacks also cause you to heal yourself for 3% of your health over 3 seconds, with successive applications causing the remaining portion of the HoT to be added to the new effect.

3. Changelog↑top

  • 18 Feb. 2015: Updated the stat priority.