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Arcane Mage DPS Guide (Legion 7.0.3)

Last updated Today at 12:22 by Furty 125 comments

Table of Contents

General Information

Welcome to our Arcane Mage DPS guide for World of Warcraft Legion 7.0.3. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about playing an Arcane Mage in a raid environment and in Mythic+ dungeons.

About Our Author

This guide has been written by Furty who raids in Serenity, one of the top World of Warcraft guilds. He plays most classes at the highest level. You can follow him on Twitter and watch him play on Twitch.

1. Class Overview

The Arcane specialization is a great jack of all trades specialization in Legion. It continues to provide great burst damage and solid sustained damage on single target encounters, and in Legion it now boasts impressive AoE as well. Arcane is able to instantly apply pressure on new targets, making it a very strong specialization for bursting down priority targets without requiring time to ramp up. Like all Mage specializations, Arcane has high mobility and is fantastic at doing encounter-specific jobs and baiting mechanics. Between Ice Floes Icon Ice Floes, Displacement Icon Displacement, and Blink Icon Blink, high movement encounters have minimal impact on Arcane's overall output. Arcane is also the only Mage specialization with access to Greater Invisibility Icon Greater Invisibility, making it the strongest Mage specialization to deal with heavy incoming damage.

2. What Has Changed?

  • Mastery has been reworked so damage no longer scales off of current Mana level.
  • Many glyphs are no longer present within the game.
  • Many changes to the talent tree, including a variety of new abilities and passives.

3. Strengths

  • High burst damage
  • Exceptional mobility
  • Excels at doing encounter-specific jobs, such as kiting or baiting mechanics

4. Weaknesses

  • Weak single-target sustained damage
  • Reliant on cooldowns for single-target damage
  • Mediocre cleave damage

5. Viability in the Current Patch

Arcane is currently weak relative to competitor specs. It handles pack-to-pack AoE very well, making it okay for dungeons, but lacks the sustained damage necessary to compete on boss encounters. Arcane's sister specialization, Fire, outpaces it in every regard.

6. Contents

To make it easy to navigate the guide, we have split it into 8 pages:

7. ChangeLog

  • 29 Aug. 2016: Updated for Legion's launch.
  • 18 Jul. 2016: Updated for the Legion pre-patch.
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