Cataclysm Classic Demonology Warlock Guide

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Welcome to our Demonology Warlock guide for Cataclysm Classic, tailored for PvE content. Here, you will learn how all you need to know to play Demonology Warlock proficiently. Click the links below to navigate the guide or read this page for a short introduction.


Cataclysm Classic Demonology Warlock Overview

This page contains all relevant information needed for Demonology Warlocks in Cataclysm Classic. We will be updating this with all the latest information as soon as anything more is discovered, so make sure to check back.


Is Demonology Warlock Viable in Cataclysm Classic?

Demonology Warlocks are one of the best and tankiest DPS'ers in Cataclysm. With exremely high single target, arguably the best AoE in the game and a powerful buff only shared with one other class with Demonic Pact Icon Demonic Pact, which will make getting into any raid with ease. Demonology goes from a bottom tier DPS, to one of the strongest throughout the entire expansion.

Strengths icon Strengths
  • +Best AoE in the game.
  • +Extremely high single target damage.
  • +Brings the extremely powerful Demonic Pact Icon Demonic Pact buff to the raid.
  • +Strong burst and AoE during Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis.
  • +Brings raid utility with Curse of the Elements Icon Curse of the Elements, Create Healthstone Icon Create Healthstone and Create Soulstone Icon Create Soulstone.
Weaknesses icon Weaknesses
  • -You hard cast a lot of your spells, making movement hurt your DPS.
  • -Rotation is more skillful, which some people don't like with Pet Twisting and Mastery gear swaps.
  • -You lose a lot of damage if your pet dies.
  • -Pet AI can have issues on some fights.

Best Races for Demonology Warlock

For Horde, every Race besides Tauren can be played as Warlock. Orc is the superior option due to the powerful Blood Fury Icon Blood Fury, increasing your Spell Power for 15 seconds on a 2 minute cooldown and used for snapshotting certain spells, Command Icon Command which increases your Demons damage by 5% and Hardiness Icon Hardiness for you PvPers. Both Goblin and Troll are great choices as well if you don't want to play as an Orc. Goblin has the infamous Rocket Jump Icon Rocket Jump, which propels you the way you're facing roughly 15-20 yards. Goblins also have a passive racial called Time is Money Icon Time is Money that gives them 1% Haste. Troll offers Berserking Icon Berserking, a 3 minute cooldown that gives you 20% haste for 10 seconds. Sadly, Blood Elf and Undead don't bring much to the table.

For Alliance, there are four races you can choose from, with Draenei and Night Elf being left out. Worgen is the best pick for Alliance. They get flat 1% crit, as well as Running Wild Icon Running Wild, which acts like a Sprint, allowing you to quickly get to and from. Gnome, Human and Dwarf don't bring much to the table.


Best Professions for Demonology Warlock

You really can't go wrong with your profession choice, as all of them beisdes Herbalism, Skinning and Mining bring roughly the same amount Intellect. The only one that stands out more than the rest is Tailoring, as it provides the most Intellect with it's bonus. What you choose for your second profession is completely up to you and will all bring roughly the same 80 Intellect until the later phases when we get Epic Gems, then Blacksmithing will be the best second option to pick.

  • Engineering Icon Engineering — This allows you to have the powerful Synapse Springs Icon Synapse Springs, which is an enchant that you put on your gloves that also stacks with your normal glove enchant. This is an on use that gives you 480 Intellect for 10seconds and is only on a one minute cooldown. Engineering also provides Nitro Boosts Icon Nitro Boosts and Flexweave Underlay Icon Flexweave Underlay, along with the plethora of explosives to help you deal a little bit more damage.
  • Tailoring Icon Tailoring — This allows you to enchant your cloak with Lightweave Embroidery Icon Lightweave Embroidery, which is a porc that gives you 580 Intellect for 15 seconds. This averages to about 135 Intellect and will replace your normal 50 Intellect enchant, for a total gain of 85 Intellect.
  • Blacksmithing Icon Blacksmithing — This allows you to gain two extra sockets, one in your gloves and bracers. You would put a Brilliant Inferno Ruby Icon Brilliant Inferno Ruby in both of those sockets, for a total gain of 80 Intellect. Once Epic Gems are introduced in the game later, those gems will become 50 Intellect gems each, for a total gain of 100 Intellect.
  • Jewelcrafting Icon Jewelcrafting — This allows you to craft three Brilliant Chimera's Eye Icon Brilliant Chimera's Eye, which are 67 Intellect, instead of the normal 40 Intellect Brilliant Inferno Ruby Icon Brilliant Inferno Ruby gems. This equates to 81 Intellect total.
  • Alchemy Icon Alchemy — Thanks to Mixology Icon Mixology, this will add 80 Intellect to your Flask of the Draconic Mind Icon Flask of the Draconic Mind.
  • Enchanting Icon Enchanting — This allows you to enchant your rings with 40 Intellect on each one, for a total gain of 80 Intellect.
  • Inscription Icon Inscription — This allows you to enchant your shoulder with 135 Intellect and 25 Haste, for a total gain of 80 Intellect.
  • Leatherworking Icon Leatherworking — This allows you to enchant your bracers with 130 Intellect, which is 80 more Intellect than the normal bracer enchant.
  • Herbalism Icon Herbalism — This gives you Lifeblood Icon Lifeblood, which gives you 480 Haste for 20 seconds and is on a two minute cooldown and averages to 80 Haste.
  • Mining Icon Mining — This just provides Stamina.
  • Skinning Icon Skinning — This gives you 80 Critical Strike Rating.

Warlock Addons and Macros

Addons and Macros can drastically improved your gameplay when it comes to DPS'ing as a Warlock. Make sure to check out our Macros and Addons pages linked below to help maximize your damage.



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