Professions Bonuses for Cataclysm Classic

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Welcome to our Cataclysm Profession Bonuses guide. On this page you will find out the specific benefits of each profession in Cataclysm, helping you decide which professions are best for your characters.

All professions in Cataclysm give your character a boost in stats. Some of these bonuses are more useful than others, while some are better for specific classes. Use this list to see the benefits of each profession to help you decide which to choose.



While Archaeology Icon Archaeology is not a main profession, it has a few powerful items that are useful for early characters.

  • Extinct Turtle Shell Icon Extinct Turtle Shell
  • Ring of the Boy Emperor Icon Ring of the Boy Emperor
  • Scimitar of the Sirocco Icon Scimitar of the Sirocco
  • Staff of Ammunae Icon Staff of Ammunae
  • Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan Icon Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan
  • Tyrande's Favorite Doll Icon Tyrande's Favorite Doll
  • Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds Icon Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds


Alchemy Icon Alchemy gains a unique buff, Mixology Icon Mixology. This improves your flask and elixir stats and duration. You will also get Flask of Enhancement Icon Flask of Enhancement, a flask with unlimited uses, but offers less stats than a normal flask.

  • Mixology Icon Mixology — Increases flask time to 2 hours and increases stats from flasks and elixirs.
  • Flask of Enhancement Icon Flask of Enhancement — Has unlimited uses, can be used in arenas and rated battlegrounds.
  • Lifebound Alchemist Stone Icon Lifebound Alchemist Stone — Stamina Trinket
  • Quicksilver Alchemist Stone Icon Quicksilver Alchemist Stone — Agility Trinket
  • Vibrant Alchemist Stone Icon Vibrant Alchemist Stone — Intellect Trinket
  • Volatile Alchemist Stone Icon Volatile Alchemist Stone — Strength Trinket


Blacksmithing Icon Blacksmithing lets you to add an additional gem socket to your bracers and gloves, allowing you to use 2 more gems in your gear. These additional sockets are even better if using Epic quality gems.

  • Socket Bracer Icon Socket Bracer
  • Socket Gloves Icon Socket Gloves


If you take Enchanting Icon Enchanting, you can enchant your own rings in Cataclysm, but not others.

  • Enchant Ring - Agility Icon Enchant Ring - Agility
  • Enchant Ring - Intellect Icon Enchant Ring - Intellect
  • Enchant Ring - Greater Stamina Icon Enchant Ring - Greater Stamina
  • Enchant Ring - Strength Icon Enchant Ring - Strength


Engineering Icon Engineering has many unique enchants, gadgets, and gizmos that improve your character in more ways that just raw stats. Cataclysm adds new Cogwheel Gems that can only be placed in your Engineering specific helmet. Below you can find all of the items available for Engineering Icon Engineering during Cataclysm.


Engineering Helmets

  • Lightweight Bio-Optic Killshades Icon Lightweight Bio-Optic Killshades — Intellect Cloth Helmet
  • Camouflage Bio-Optic Killshades Icon Camouflage Bio-Optic Killshades — Intellect Leather Helmet
  • Agile Bio-Optic Killshades Icon Agile Bio-Optic Killshades — Agility Leather Helmet
  • Energized Bio-Optic Killshades Icon Energized Bio-Optic Killshades — Intellect Mail Helmet
  • Deadly Bio-Optic Killshades Icon Deadly Bio-Optic Killshades — Agility Mail Helmet
  • Specialized Bio-Optic Killshades Icon Specialized Bio-Optic Killshades — Intellect Plate Helmet
  • Reinforced Bio-Optic Killshades Icon Reinforced Bio-Optic Killshades — Strength Plate Helmet

Engineering Cogwheel Gems

These Cogwheel Gems can only be placed in the Engineering Helmets above.

  • Fractured Cogwheel Icon Fractured Cogwheel — Mastery Rating
  • Quick Cogwheel Icon Quick Cogwheel — Haste Rating
  • Smooth Cogwheel Icon Smooth Cogwheel — Critical Strike Rating
  • Rigid Cogwheel Icon Rigid Cogwheel — Hit Rating
  • Precise Cogwheel Icon Precise Cogwheel — Expertise Rating
  • Subtle Cogwheel Icon Subtle Cogwheel — Dodge Rating
  • Flashing Cogwheel Icon Flashing Cogwheel — Parry Rating
  • Sparkling Cogwheel Icon Sparkling Cogwheel — Spirit
  • Mystic Cogwheel Icon Mystic Cogwheel — Resilience Rating

Engineering Tinker Enchants

In Cataclysm, all Engineering Tinker Enchants can be used along-side regular enchants, no longer requiring you to choose one or the other.

  • Cardboard Assassin Icon Cardboard Assassin — Summons a target dummy that taunts nearby enemies.
  • Grounded Plasma Shield Icon Grounded Plasma Shield — Damage absorption on use.
  • Invisibility Field Icon Invisibility Field— Temporary invisibility with high chance to break.
  • Quickflip Deflection Plates Icon Quickflip Deflection Plates — Temporary armor on use.
  • Spinal Healing Injector Icon Spinal Healing Injector — Gives you a bottomless health potion.
  • Synapse Springs Icon Synapse Springs — 480 Main Stat on use for 10 seconds.
  • Tazik Shocker Icon Tazik Shocker — Deals damage to target from range.
  • Z50 Mana Gulper Icon Z50 Mana Gulper — Gives you a bottomless mana potion.


Cataclysm gives Herbalism Icon Herbalism an on-use cooldown, giving this profession some benefit in combat.

  • Lifeblood Icon Lifeblood — Heals over time, increased by max health and spell power or attack power. Also increases Haste Rating by 480.


Inscription Icon Inscription offers unique shoulder enchants that are better than the regular enchants players can get.

  • Felfire Inscription Icon Felfire Inscription — Intellect & Haste
  • Inscription of the Earth Prince Icon Inscription of the Earth Prince — Stamina & Dodge
  • Lionsmane Inscription Icon Lionsmane Inscription — Stength & Crit
  • Swiftsteel Inscription Icon Swiftsteel Inscription — Agility & Mastery


Jewelcrafting Icon Jewelcrafting grants you access to unique, Jewelcrafting-only gems. These gems are much more powerful than any others available; they are, however, limited to the use of 3 equipped at a time. Jewelcrafting Icon Jewelcrafting also offers some powerful early-game trinkets that may be useful as you begin gearing up.

  • Bold Chimera's Eye Icon Bold Chimera's Eye — Strength
  • Brilliant Chimera's Eye Icon Brilliant Chimera's Eye — Intellect
  • Delicate Chimera's Eye Icon Delicate Chimera's Eye — Agility
  • Flashing Chimera's Eye Icon Flashing Chimera's Eye — Parry
  • Precise Chimera's Eye Icon Precise Chimera's Eye — Expertise
  • Fractured Chimera's Eye Icon Fractured Chimera's Eye — Mastery
  • Quick Chimera's Eye Icon Quick Chimera's Eye — Haste
  • Smooth Chimera's Eye Icon Smooth Chimera's Eye — Crit
  • Subtle Chimera's Eye Icon Subtle Chimera's Eye — Dodge
  • Mystic Chimera's Eye Icon Mystic Chimera's Eye — Resilience
  • Solid Chimera's Eye Icon Solid Chimera's Eye — Stamina
  • Sparkling Chimera's Eye Icon Sparkling Chimera's Eye — Spirit
  • Rigid Chimera's Eye Icon Rigid Chimera's Eye — Hit
  • Stormy Chimera's Eye Icon Stormy Chimera's Eye — Spell Penetration


Leatherworking Icon Leatherworking offers the ability to craft some great end-game gear as well as powerful bracer enchants.

  • Draconic Embossment - Agility Icon Draconic Embossment - Agility — Agility
  • Draconic Embossment - Intellect Icon Draconic Embossment - Intellect — Intellect
  • Draconic Embossment - Stamina Icon Draconic Embossment - Stamina — Stamina
  • Draconic Embossment - Strength Icon Draconic Embossment - Strength — Strength

In addition to the Leatherworking Icon Leatherworking specific enchants, you can also make very cheap leg enchants.

  • Charscale Leg Reinforcements Icon Charscale Leg Reinforcements — Stamina & Agility
  • Dragonbone Leg Reinforcements Icon Dragonbone Leg Reinforcements — Attack Power & Crit
  • Drakehide Leg Reinforcements Icon Drakehide Leg Reinforcements — Stamina & Dodge


Mining Icon Mining only offers a Stamina bonus, making it a bad choice for anyone besides tanks.

  • Toughness Icon Toughness — 120 Stamina


Skinning Icon Skinning offers a Critical Strike Rating bonus, limiting its viability as other professions typically offer more variety.

  • Master of Anatomy Icon Master of Anatomy — 80 Critical Strike Rating


Tailoring Icon Tailoring offers the ability to craft some great end-game gear, as well as some powerful, unique cloak enchants. These cloak enchants have an amount of randomness to them as they are procs instead of passive stat increases.

  • Darkglow Embroidery Icon Darkglow Embroidery — 580 Spirit for 15 seconds.
  • Lightweave Embroidery Icon Lightweave Embroidery — 580 Intellect for 15 seconds.
  • Swordguard Embroidery Icon Swordguard Embroidery — 1,000 Attack Power for 15 seconds.


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