Sage Healer Gear and Best in Slot — Endwalker 6.3

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best-in-slot items for your Sage Healer in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (Patch 6.3).


Sage Gearsets (BiS)

This page presents several premade best-in-slot (BiS) gear sets for end-game Savage raiding, along with explanations that should help you choose the set that best fits your needs. If you are curious about how we create these sets, or if you would like to compare other sets, you can view the Sage Relative Damage Calculator.

While you are gearing up, it is a good idea to have a set to work toward so that you can spend your weekly capped Tomestones effectively. However, the stat priorities of these best-in-slot sets do not necessarily apply to progression raiding. Notably, many of these sets have very little Piety (or none at all). This is not generally recommended for progression.

You can find Sage's general stat priorities and explanations on the Stats and Melding page.

Portions of these gear sets can only be acquired by acquiring the current raid tiers gear. A guide for the content can be found links below.


Patch 6.3 Gear Sets - The Omega Protocol Ultimate


Standard with Tomestone Ring, 2.42 GCD

With efficient healing, this set is comfortable for general use. Using the Tomestone ring sacrifices an extremely small amount of damage for a significant boost to your MP, and a modest amount of HP. It can tolerate a few extra safety heals or a raise without much trouble, but it may not have enough MP depending on how much healing and raising you'll need to do. Plus, with the same 2.42 GCD as last raid tier, there isn't much adjustment/re-learning needed.


Higher Piety, 2.44 GCD

This set features 621 piety, an increase of 95 over the 2.42 set. Plus, the slightly slower GCD also helps reduce mana consumption. This set can last even longer before mana becomes an issue.


Even Higher Piety

This set has even better MP sustain, with a whopping 741 piety and a nice slow 2.47 GCD. It will last quite some time even with a generous amount of raising and GCD healing. DPS checks in ultimates are not as tight as savage content, so don't be afraid to err on the side of caution and go with a higher piety set.


Patch 6.2 Gear Sets - Pandaemonium: Abyssos (Savage)


Crafted Ring with Direct Hit

This set has the highest DPS. By using the tome ring, you receive an increase in DPS in exchange for slightly less vitality, piety, and healing. For optimized, coordinated environments, this is the go-to set.


Crafted Ring with Determination

This set trades a small amount of DPS for a modest increase in healing. While the MP economy is unchanged from the above set, this may be slightly safer for prog due to the extra healing.


Higher Piety/Vitality Safety Sets

This set uses the tomestone ring instead of the crafted ring. This provides slightly less damage and a bit less healing than the crafted ring sets, but has increased HP and better MP economy.


Tome Ring with Determination


Safety Piety Set

This set has significantly more piety, providing a very safe option that is good at recovering from near-wipes. MP is less likely to be a problem in unoptimized play when using this set.


Extra Safety Piety Set

This set has the highest amount of piety that is practical to gear around for this raid tier. WIth a whopping 741 piety, MP should almost never be an issue.



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