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Holy Paladin - Review

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I'd like to have a review on a holy paladin in my raid. He wants to improve his performance so I thought this forum is certainly a good place to ask for help.


You can find his armory profile here:



In addition we have several logs from actual nh and heroic content:




We really appreciate any hints and clues!


Thank you very much in advance!




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First of all he shoud read guide from this site.

He have wrong talants, glyphs.

Enchants shoud be crit, he dont have it on some items.

He not using Holy Shock every time he coud, it shoud be on CD 99% of time, 7 times per 5 min battle, shoud be ~40 times.

Wonder why he heal with flash heal so much, probably he oom at middle of the fight, shoud use Holy Light more often and Flash of Light only when there is some one gonna die.

Couse he not using Holy Shock he dont have holy power, so he cant use Eternal Flame - losing HPS and Mana.

He shoud use Holy Prism more often.

He using hes "wings" only once per 5 min fight, he coud use it twice - first minute and fourth minute. With glyph he coud use it more often.

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Hi. Looks much better.

He cast Holy Shock very often - it's very good(couse he will recive procs from it).

He cast Holy Light often too, more than flash of light - it's good too. It's show he dont panic anymore when raid recive damage.


I reccomend use Holy Prism, dont know why he switch to Light Hammer. When you using LH, raid shoud be stacked and recive dmg, so LH will heal ~14 sec of it time. Holy Prism do not need "special" position from raid, so for most boses when you shoud move often, HolyPrism will be better(all boses in BRF expect grull and ladies probably). Also for most fight raid shoudnt be stacked, so LH very bad choice. 


AW(wings) if he use it without glyph it's ok(2 times per fight), but for normal probably better glyphed and use it more often(4-5times perf fight).


Glyph of flash of light not usless, but not rly good, couse you cast flash of light not often. Better LoH glyph(more mana) or Divine Protection for fight with phys damage.

Talant Clemency better for lot of fights.

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