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Raid Assignments and Disc/Holy Questions

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Hello, all, thanks for reading this!


As I mentioned in my sandbox intro, I'm very new to WoW and even newer to playing a priest, so I apologize if some of this seems obvious.


Our comp has always been a little odd. Then I switched to Priest the same week our Pally's decided to leave/stop raiding, so now it's 1 Priest, 2 Druids, 1 Sham, and 1 Monk who is usually DPS, but off-spec heals when needed. Few questions:


1. In the absence of the Pallys, I have been largely playing Disc (which is my favorite anyway, btw) and assigned to a tank. Would it be recommended to take CoW more often in this case, or still just Bladefist/Brack/Koragh? Also, should I *always* save my EAA for Flash Heal when the tank needs it or still help out with raid damage using it on PoH and risk not having it for a tank spike? (Such a basic concept, but I'd appreciate the advice. Balancing my ST healing assignment versus the health of the raid is something I'm learning.)


2. I've just now been given permission to switch to Disc/Holy. (Was previously required to have DPS spec.) Assuming I can learn to play it reasonably well, are there any fights I should consider switching to Holy, keeping in mind that I am the only Priest? I chose Disc initially because it seemed that we had much of the Holy-style strengths covered, but is there anything I'm missing?


Thanks to all in this great community who have already helped me so much and I really appreciate any feedback and advice here.

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You should definitely take Clarity of Will if you are on the tanks especially without a Paladin. When you reach Mythic and with your setup, you will need CoW for all fights. Also your raid setup has so much raidhealing, you should never go Holy. Regarding EAA, i'd probably just EAA PoH the tank group and make sure both get it, but its situational.


My discipline buddy has used CoW throughout Mythic Highmaul. Dno about heroic though. But i'd imagine its still quite good for Butcher/Koragh/Bracken/Imperator/Kargath. But with your setup i would pretty much always use it i think.

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