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Fury War DPS help

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May want to check your links. The log you gave is a direct link to Brackenspore and not Butcher. In addition, it shows you as Protection and not Fury.


Edit: I didn't see that you had multiple kills within the same log. I have found your Fury-specced kill on Butcher; I'll look into it.

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Alright.. now that I've found your log let's take a look...


Talent Choices:


The first thing that I'm looking at here is your talent choices. For your Tier 3 talent it seems you've chosen warrior_talent_icon_furyintheblood.jpgFurious Strikes. The last time that I checked, you should be using ability_warrior_improveddisciplines.jpgSudden Death instead. This is purely based off better results in simulations.


For your Tier 4 talent you have chosen warrior_talent_icon_stormbolt.jpgStorm Bolt. This talent is alright pending that you're using Titan's Grip. If you're using Single Minded Fury, you'll want to consider ability_warrior_dragonroar.jpgDragon Roar instead.



The Log:


As far as your logs go, I've reviewed just a few points:


Your Enrage uptime is well sitting at 84%. Obviously tracking this and managing it properly with your Bloodthirst and Berserker Rage is crucial to any DPS. With 84% uptime I'm presuming you're doing things well. I only seen one instance where you used Berserker Rage while you were already enraged and that was the first cast. Your other 3 uses all initiated your Enrage buff which is what it's meant to be used for.


Another thing I see is your wasted rage, in general. You wasted only 38 of 975 gain which gives you 3.9% wasted (rounded up). Sure; we'd all love 0% wasted but 3.9% isn't anything to lose sleep over.


Considering your talent choices it's no surprise that Wild Strike is your top-used ability. Looking at Raging Blow, you gained 38 procs / buffs and you cast it 37 times. Other things, simply based on your talent choices, look pretty much as expected. 


I noticed you timed some abilities well and then not so well. Specifically, your line-up of Bloodbath and Ravager. Both of these have a 60 second CD so they should be lined up with each other. (You're not cleaving anything so it would make sense to make sure these are lined up to maximize the use them both instead of saving Ravager for any multiple-target assignments.) Your first use of each are lined up well enough but your last 3 are off; so much in fact that Ravager took no advantage from Bloodbath.


As far as minor points go; use two Strength Potions; one as your pre-pot and the other during your execute phase. Also (not related to DPS at all), you'll want to use a Healing Tonic instead of a Healthstone; it heals more than the latter and, considering they share a CD anyway, it's best to use the Tonic.



Overall, it's not too bad. With some talent changes you may find some higher numbers. I'll be sure to compare your log to mine once I run raid tonight to see if there are any other differences to note. 


I hope this helps. If you should have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.



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Awesome thanks so much for the help. The only reason i went with Furious Strikes is i had low haste and dont seem to proc sudden death often. im going to try switching again as i have more haste now. i didnt know about ravager and smf or about using it with bloodbath. i will post follow up from tomorrow nights raid. 

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