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I need help with my combat rogue.

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Hi there, I'm hoping my fellow rogues can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong with my combat rogue.


I'm currently 660 ilevel, raiding in normal and heroic Highmaul.  On single target fights I'm ending the encounters with DPS in the high teens while all our other DPS is in the mid-20s.


Armory - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/ysera/Chubbyrogue/advanced

Tonight's logs from Heroic Highmaul - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/72zjwbHDdqk6Ptnc


I'm following the recommendations from the Combat Rogue DPS guide here at Icy-Veins in regards to spec, glyphs and rotation.  I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong.


I keep up Revealing Strikes, I keep up Slice and Dice, otherwise I'm using Vanish with Ambush on CD (using Prep on CD to refresh Vanish).  I'm using Blood Fury (Orc racial), Adrenaline Rush and Killing Spree on CD as well.  Sinister Strike is my combo point builder and I'm using Eviscerate when I'm not refreshing Slice and Dice.


I try to time Adrenaline Rush and Blood Fury with Lust but that's not always the case.


I'm using Shadowstep to get to mobs and Sprint, though I could probably use Sprint more.


I also pre-pot with Draenic Agility Potion.


The only times I do respectable DPS is in AOE situations like with Tectus.  That's the only boss fight I do well on, I'm in the top 2 or 3 dps wise and manage ~23k thanks to Blade Fury and the multi-add phases.


Any help you all could give would be greatly appreciated.





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Few things:

  1. SnD Uptime is only 84%. Ideally you're looking at 99%, since it's not only a huge damage boost but also gives you more weapon swings for more energy regen
  2. RvS uptime should also be higher, but it's better than your SnD
  3. COOLDOWN USE. I'm really emphasizing this... You only have 3 KS casts on the log you linked. With your finishers reducing the cooldown of it and AR, you can use them both a lot more
  4. Always try and KS before AR - the finishers you get off during AR will really reduce your cooldown by a lot

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Thanks for the reply. Understood on the uptimes.

For Killing Spree, the encounter that opens on that link is the Butcher. The only time I can use Killing Spree during that encounter is after the knockback right before he charges. If I use it at any other time it screws up the cleave stacks because I'm behind him and the cleaves hit both groups. Or am I doing it wrong?

If you click on the boss name it will show a drop down for all the encounters for last night.  There are logs for Kargath, Tectus, Twin Ogron, Brackenspore and Butcher.  I figured having them all would give a good look at me since all the encounters are a bit different.


Overall it looks like I need to keep Slice and Dice up a lot more on many fights and keep a better eye on my Revealing Strikes uptime.

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Assuming the 2 groups are spread out enough, it shouldn't be a problem. The more important thing is to not use it when its your group's turn


Typically looking at one log provides insight into what somebody does wrong on most fights, either due to not understanding a class mechanic or something else. Giving a basic amount of insight based off one fight is generally enough to help somebody's damage. Hopefully the detail below shows that my initial assessment wasn't too far off


These issues seem to be popping up every fight:

  • RvS and SnD uptimes
  • Cooldown use - KS, AR, Vanish, and Preparation not being used properly
  • using AR before KS
  • Not using CoS
  • Randomly casting CT

How to fix these things? I suggest that you get WeakAuras or another addon that you can use to track your cooldowns. I have one posted to the main forum, it's up in the UI Thread. Feel free to steal the WeakAuras I have posted there


Make sure you're always refreshing buffs a few seconds before they die off - 30% of the total duration can be added on with a refresh


Use KS before AR. AR gives you a ton of energy regen, which you're losing if you cast KS while AR is on you. Additionally, the huge number of Evis casts that you'll be putting out inside AR means the cd on KS will be significantly reduced


Open with Ambush, get RvS up, spam SS to get in Shallow Insight, and start with KS right away. After KS is gone, AR. Vanish twice when AR is down and you're in Deep Insight


There's never a reason to not use CoS. It's off the gcd, and makes you immune to almost every boss ability in the game for 6s. There's literally not a single reason to avoid using it


Never ever ever use CT as Combat. There's no need to when Blade Flurry hits everything in existence for you




Breaking it down fight by fight:



  • 63%, 69% RvS and SnD uptimes
  • Using AR before KS
  • Could tighten up Vanish use a little - you could have fit in another cast if using it on cooldown
  • Used Crimson Tempest, not really sure why
  • Didn't ever use Preparation



  • 57%, 84% RvS and SnD uptimes
  • Very late first use of KS and AR - why did you delay them so much? You lose a lot of dps
  • Similarly, Vanish first use is very late. More on-time with the cooldown though
  • Used CT again - still not really sure why
  • Used Preparation less than 10s before Vanish was going to come off cooldown
  • Toggled Blade Flurry when the main boss was still up, then only once when he was split



  • 70%, 58% - lower than normal cause you died
  • Still using AR before KS
  • Vanish very early - save it for Deep Insight at first so you can Vanish twice with the damage buff, make sure all your initial AR time is going towards pushing you there
  • Died to Quake, but didn't use Cloak of Shadows. Puzzling, cause it will remove the fire DoT and prevent you from taking any more
  • If you Vanish > Prep > Vanish during the initial Deep Insight, you could have fit another Preparation in (assuming you lived to the end)



  • 51%, 52%
  • Died to Spores, which Cloak will also remove
  • Using AR before KS
  • Even though you died, you have a huge spot before the death where you didn't KS when it should have been off cooldown
  • Not timing Vanish very well again
  • No Preparation

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Thanks for the in-depth reply, I'm still reading through it and clearly I'm doing a few things wrong in regards to cooldown usage.


But in regards to Crimson Tempest, the combat guide specifically says to use it in multi-target situations so that's why I've been using it.

2. Multiple Target Rotation↑top

When fighting 2, 3, or 4 enemies, turn on wow_icon_ability_warrior_punishingblow.j Blade Flurry and proceed with your single-target rotation on one of the enemies. Maintain the wow_icon_inv_knife_1h_cataclysm_c_05.jpg Crimson Tempest DoT.

When fighting 5 or more enemieswow_icon_inv_knife_1h_cataclysm_c_05.jpg Crimson Tempest should replace wow_icon_ability_rogue_eviscerate.jpg Eviscerate as your primary Finishing Move.

If your main target will die in less than 1 minute and you have chosen wow_icon_achievement_bg_killingblow_bers Marked for Death as your Tier 6 talent, then use it on cooldown.



For that Kargath fight I was sent into the stands and we have multiple adds there engaged at once.  Normally I don't do stands, but we were missing a hunter that normally goes up and the raid leader wanted to see me go up there since I generally do well with AOE.


For Tectus I use it when we're mid-fight and we're killing the packs of Motes.  I pretty much have Blade Furry up the entire second half of the fight with all the adds so I'm not turning it off and on.  Also when you mentioned me having Blade Fury up during the main boss we probably had an add within range that I was also DPS'ing down- again going by what the guide said of having Blade Fury up when you have 2+ targets to hit.


If that's all wrong then let me know, I was just going by what the guide said for 2+ targets.


Also, I should have mentioned I am a flamethrower on Brackenspore.




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The only issue that I have with using CT on the adds on the arena for example is that they don't really live for very long, and you should be focusing down the Bombers and Bile Slingers rather than just cleaving everything in sight

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